Label the Tops of Spice Jars for Better Drawer Organization

published Sep 16, 2014
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If you do one thing for your kitchen this fall, let it be this: organize your spice drawer.

We’ve got one super simple tip that will make finding spices in your drawer a breeze.

If you store spices in a cupboard or on a spice rack at eye level it’s easy to see the labels on the jars. But it’s not quite as simple to see what’s what when your spices are stored in a drawer or down below. Instead of fishing around in the drawer trying to find what you’re looking for, we recommend labeling the the lids of the spice jars. It’s so much easier to find the spices you’re looking for.

2 Ways to Label Jar Tops

  • Get out your Sharpie! – For spice jars that have white or light-colored lids, we suggest using a permanent marker to simply write the name of the spice directly on the lid.
  • Use label or tape – For spice jars with darker lids, place a small label or a small piece of masking tape on the lid. Then, use a permanent marker to write the name of the spice on the label.

The next time you open your spice drawer you can easily see where everything is and grab what you need. No more picking up jar after jar to look at the label.

If you use a cupboard or rack to store your spices, we’re not leaving you out — use this as a nice reminder to organize your spice stash!

How do you store your spices?

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