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I Tried the TikTok-Famous La Scala Salad and I Love It Even More than the Kardashians

published Dec 16, 2022
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La Scala salad in a bowl
Credit: Faith Durand

As the parent of a teenager with extremely limited food likes, the dishes I cook (and know how to cook) are similarly limited. So when I found out I needed to prepare something edible for a team retreat, I was stumped — and a little scared. That is, until I remembered a salad I’d been waiting for a reason to make ever since I saw it on TikTok: the Kardashian favorite La Scala salad

It has all the salad ingredients I love — chickpeas, mozzarella, iceberg lettuce — and, most importantly, it seemed super easy to prepare.

I was thrilled to find that it was indeed as simple to make as it looked — a little washing and chopping, and 20 minutes of your time, all in. And it was delicious. So delicious that the bowl was scraped clean by my colleagues. At least half the people at the dinner said they planned to make it at home. 

There are a few recipe variations out there. I used the one from Gabriella Quille’s blog, which I followed pretty closely with one change — rather than plating it with the chickpeas at the top, I mixed everything together at the end. Attempting the plate flip with a salad for eight seemed unmanageable. While this made the salad a bit less pretty, I don’t think it affected the taste; I would probably do this again unless I was really trying to impress someone.

Gabriella suggests adding the dressing in increments, and this is a great call. There was so much dressing that we used about two thirds of it and it was more than enough. I also put the salami on the side so people could add (or not add) it to their liking. 

This salad is 100% a new favorite for me and something I plan to make all the time. 

Get the recipe: La Scala Chopped Salad at Gabriella Quille