LA Farmers Market Report: Culver City

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just a stone’s throw away from the hotel the munchkins stayed in during the filming of The Wizard of Oz, the Culver City Farmers’ market is small but has a great selection for whatever it is you might be on the lookout for. Located on Main Street between Culver and Venice, the market has an impeccable selection of hot foods, produce, and more. There is a French Bakery selling sweets and beautiful breads and another stand has fresh pasta. A cart at the end of the street has an amazing selection of cheeses from around the world. Candy’s Gourmet Meats offers carne asada, chicken and beef kebobs as well as interesting sausages such as chicken mango, pork jalapeño and rosemary Dijon. A stand called Westcoast Fish regularly stocks fresh fish such as snapper, sand dabs, swordfish, blue nose and white sea bass. You could pick up almost everything you could need to make the most elegant meal.

One thing I especially love is the proximity of the market to a Trader Joe’s, as well as foodie mecca, Surfas. If you want to pick up an inexpensive bottle of wine and a little more olive oil to go with the fresh loaf of bread and rapini you got at the market, it’s all right there. In a place like Los Angeles where everything is so spread out, compact little neighborhoods like Culver City are a real treat to check out.

The Culver City Farmers’ market is held every Tuesday, from 2pm to 7pm, rain or shine.