LA Farmers Market Report: Westwood

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Westwood Farmers’ Market is so unlike any other in the Los Angeles area. Rather than blocking off one of the busy, student-filled streets in Westwood Village, the market is actually located nearby in the tranquil Vet Garden at the VA. The garden is a program that helps veterans with rehabilitation, training and employment. The famers’ set up their tents alongside a gravel path that winds through the shady garden and culminates in a clearing filled with clusters of people sitting on picnic benches eating lunch and listening to live music. It’s like a little secret oasis of fresh foods and produce.

In addition to the requisite stands featuring the produce of the season, there are tents selling French Baked good, cupcakes, fresh pasta, eggs, cheese, flowers and hot foods like gourmet sausages and Thai. Because it seems like such a secret, the market doesn’t get jammed with people and the selection doesn’t get quite so ravaged. There is tons of free parking and the Market even has a nice little website that gives directions and provides information on the schedule of live music and what new vendors they’ve gotten recently.

The Westwood Farmers’ market runs every Thursday from noon to 6 pm. To get there, take Sepulveda one block North of Wilshire Blvd. and turn left on Constitution. Follow the signs and turn right on Davis. Parking will be on the right.