The Brand Behind Some of Our Favorite Kitchen Tools Is Having a Summer Sale — Here’s What to Buy ASAP

published Jul 14, 2021
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Credit: Kuhn Rikon

If you spend even five minutes in the kitchen each day, chances are you’ve got a gadget or two. They make life way simpler and faster, whether you’re mincing garlic, shredding cheese, or digging into that giant pan for an extra slice of Ina’s lasagna. Well, listen up, because Kuhn Rikon has some of their best kitchen gadgets on sale right now at up to 40 percent off, and you can score additional savings when you enter code SUMMER21 at checkout. Make everything from prepping, serving, cleaning, and even storing so much easier with these great finds.

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Kuhn Rikon
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Why lug that giant food processor out of storage when the lightweight Pull Chop can do the same chopping and mincing for you. With a few quick pulls of the cord, the steel blades slice through all your herbs, veggies, and nuts with ease. The two-cup capacity can handle all your daily meal prep needs, and the handy lid makes storing your goodies for later a cinch.

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Nothing is more reliable for prep work than a sturdy paring knife. You can peel apples, slice strawberries, and cut perfect cheese slices with this nonstick, super-sharp Japanese-style edge. Keep its long-lasting performance with a matching sheath, protecting it and other utensils (and you!) from unnecessary nicks and cuts during storage.

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Even the sturdiest cookware is susceptible to scratches, which is why the SoftEdge Flexi Turner comes in handy for flipping, slicing, and serving. The silicone tip protects the sides as it touches your pans, which is ideal for nonstick and porous cookware. And don’t be afraid to sink it into Ina’s piping hot lasagna, because it’s safe up to 425 degrees and will slice through those layers without worry.

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Garlic lovers know the best way to efficiently mince is with a press, and the Epicurean Garlic Press is one of our favorites. The powerful level does the work for you by quickly cutting the cloves with beveled holes so they won’t bruise. You can even leave the peel on! And when you’re done, you can easily remove the pullout sieve to clean.

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Afraid of burns when you deep fry? Save your skin with a spider skimmer. Whether you’re frying dough or blanching veggies, your tasty bits get scooped and strained at arm's distance thanks to the stainless steel woven mesh design. The basket’s five-inch diameter is large enough to strain those fries but won’t overwhelm your kitchen utensil station with bulk.

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If you find slicing or shredding by hand daunting, do yourself a favor and get an Easy Cut — you'll be able up to grate up to four cups with super-sharp stainless steel blades by simply pulling a cord. Use the reversible grater disc for coarse shards of cheddar or finely grated parmesan, then switch to the slicer for thick zucchini discs or thin potato slices. When you're done, into the dishwasher it goes.

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Most of us need to stack pots, pans, and bowls to save on storage space, but you risk damages unless you provide protection. That’s where this three-piece protector set comes in. It's made from thin, flexible silicone that helps separate your valuables enough to keep them safe, and it's great for metal, glass, and ceramic surfaces. Bonus: They double as microwave splatter guards and jar lid openers!

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Gadgets are useless when they’re dirty. The Stay Clean Scrubber Brush safely scrapes them clean without having to submerge your poor hands into that scalding water. The long handle is great for deep pots and narrow vases, and it’s safe enough to use on all cookware surfaces. Even better? When it needs a good cleaning, pop it into the dishwasher.