The Silver Art Collection Electric Water Kettle by Krups

updated May 30, 2019
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Item: Krups Silver Art Collection Electric Water Kettle
Price: $79.00
Overall Impression: This isn’t a cheap kettle, but it is well made and functions at top levels. It may be too shiny for some, but I really like its chrome surface and elegant lines.

As I’ve already confessed in previous a post, my electric hot water kettle is perhaps the most used small appliances in my kitchen. It’s important to me that my kettle is safe, efficient and a real workhorse. While the appearance is also something to consider, if it doesn’t work well then I won’t buy it. So when the Krups people sent me their new, fancy-pants electric kettle, I approached it with some skepticism.

The Review

Characteristics and Specs: 12 inches tall, mostly stainless steel with a mirror chrome finish, faux wood detail on bottom.
Favorite details: This kettle is powerful, bringing 16 ounces of water to a boil in about 2 minutes. Also, it’s very quiet.
Potential problems: There are no adjustable temperature controls, which may be a deterrant for some.
Splurge-worthy? Yes.

To cut straight to the chase, this is a story with a happy ending. I’m quite impressed with the Silver Art Water Kettle and am pleased to have it in my kitchen. I work from home and my day is basically fueled by a very fast internet connection and several cups of hot tea, so I was able to ride this kettle hard. Here’s what I discovered after using it several times a day for three weeks.

Appearance: As mentioned, this is one sleek appliance. A part of the Krups Silver Art Collection, it’s a top of the line item from a great company. Standing about 12 inches tall, it’s mostly made of stainless steel with a mirror chrome finish. There’s some faux wood detail (on the bottom of the base and the handle) that I’m not too crazy about. I don’t hate it, but plastic wood is plastic wood. I’m happy that it’s a solid piece of plastic, though, and not plastic veneer or a plastic decal which is bound to peel off in time.

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Features: Starting from the bottom, the kettle’s base is appealingly thin and it successfully stores any unused cord underneath, which is nice. The on/off switch lights up brightly when on which is nice, too, but standard. There are outside water level indicators on both sides of the kettle which is a terrific feature not always found in kettles as it allows you to see how full the kettle is getting from any almost any angle. That said, after a while, I tend to fill my kettle more by feel that using the level indicator. The top opens easily by pressing the button on the handle with your thumb. It flips open from the middle (see photograph below) which makes it easier to fill than those that pop the lid up from one end (but never far enough). Still, my faucet has a somewhat wide spout and I have to be really careful to hold it just right so that the water falls into the pot. A bit of a balancing act there.

Functionality: This kettle is powerful, bringing my usual 16 oz of water to a boil in about 2 minutes. I tested this with its full 2 liter capacity and it took roughly 7.5 minutes to heat the water. This seems to be pretty standard. What’s also nice is that it is much quieter than other kettles I’ve used. It almost purrs, to be honest. The top and the on/off switch have really pleasing ‘click’ functions, with a nice sound and a firmness that feels well made. Classy. The handle is also pleasant to hold on to, due to its rounded corners, and it remains cool to the touch. What it doesn’t have is individual temperature controls but frankly that’s not an issue for me, so I’m not taking off points for that.

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Maintenance: I was concerned that the chrome would be too much to take care of, but it’s easier to wipe clean than the usual brushed stainless steel which holds on to dirt and grease. The slick surface doesn’t get that dirty and a slightly damp cotton dishtowel is all I need to polish it.

Bottom Line: This isn’t a cheap kettle, but it is well made and functions at top levels. It may be too shiny for some, but I really like the chrome surface and elegant lines.

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(Images: Dana Velden)