I Tried the Bestselling Degreaser on Amazon — Here’s How It Went

updated Mar 4, 2021
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Someone holding bottle of Krud Kutter.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

When it comes to degreasing kitchen surfaces, I haven’t ventured out beyond my simple Dawn soap-and-water solution — which is surprising, given the sheer number of well-rated options out there. Taking a look at my stovetop, though, I realized it was time to level up. I wanted to try a product that would cut through the grease residue without a lot of effort on my part — and, just as importantly, without inundating my kitchen with a super-strong chemical smell. That’s where Krud Kutter, a concentrated kitchen cleaner and degreaser, comes in. 

As the bestselling degreaser on Amazon, Krud Kutter claims to penetrate the greasiest kitchen surfaces while also being non-toxic and Earth-friendly. Of course, I had to try it. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

After taking the grates off the stove, I cleaned up all the burnt bits and crumbs to make spraying and wiping easier. (I just collected them with a paper towel, but a little vacuum is useful in instances like these if you have one on hand!) Then, I covered the surface in a generous amount of spray and, per instructions, let it sit to penetrate the grease. There wasn’t a specific time recommendation for this part, but because my stovetop was pretty greasy, I waited about two minutes. One thing I noticed while I waited: It smelled pretty good and not too strong like other cleaners.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Then, the true test: wiping it away! I used a paper towel to remove the first layer of grease, and I was surprised how easily (and quickly) it disappeared. After my first go, there was a little bit left — mostly more stubborn areas with burned-on grease — and I felt like I needed something more abrasive (and less wasteful) than a paper towel. A dry microfiber cloth got most of it, but I think soap and water with a sturdy brush would finish the job if your stove has spots that won’t let up. The surface wasn’t perfectly shiny when I finished, and there were a few streaks left behind, but that’s not what Krud Kutter is for. In all fairness, the product accomplished what it promised: removing grease.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Next up: greasy cabinet doors. Let me just tell you, this stuff works! It helped wipe away built-up grease on cabinet doors and the years’ worth of grease that had collected on the tops of my cabinets. If you only use Krud Kutter for one thing, I suggest using it to clean up greasy cabinets.

To put the beloved cleaner to a more challenging test, I opened up my oven and attempted to wipe down the many layers of cooked-on grease inside. That process wasn’t as easy or satisfying. Per product instructions, I sprayed a layer on the oven door glass, then allowed it to sit for a few minutes. The very top layer of grease definitely went away, but the glass was just as stained as when I started. Note to self: Buy some oven cleaner (and some cleaning gloves).

My verdict, overall, is that Krud Kutter is worth the hype. Don’t expect it to solve every problem in your kitchen (especially tougher jobs and deep cleaning), and you’ll still need your dedicated products, like oven cleaner and stainless steel spray. But if you, like me, fall victim to bacon grease splatters on the regular, Krud Kutter is good to have on hand for everyday cleanup.

Have you used Krud Kutter? What’d you think?