The Biggest Food Trends of 2019, According to Kroger

(Image credit: Jonathan Weiss)shutterstock

Well, friends, there are just two months left in the year, so it’s time to start thinking about 2019 — namely, what we will be eating. In the past few years, everything from turmeric to vegan ice cream have found their way into grocery stores and coffee shops. So what new foods can you expect to find during your culinary adventures next year? Kroger has seen into the future, and it contains a lot of barbecue sauce and dairy-free milk (although not together, of course).

A team of Kroger’s chefs and so-called product developers laid out their list of the five biggest food trends people can expect to see circulating amongst their friends and landing in their grocery store carts. First up is “regional flavors,” which is pretty straightforward. This one means that restaurants, chefs, and supermarkets will likely be inspired by hyperlocal flavors such as Nashville hot chicken, barbecue sauces, and Southern pimento cheese.

Next, Kroger thinks that plant-based foods will continue to increase in popularity next year. That means you’ll be seeing more non-dairy milks and vegan burgers on menus and store shelves.

Next year, more people will adopt and experiment with different diets and “eating styles.” If you haven’t tried the keto diet yet, for instance, or if you’ve been thinking about eating vegetarian for half the week (otherwise known as going “flexitarian”), 2019 might just be the year you finally do it.

Probiotics started to gain some mainstream popularity this year, but Kroger thinks that in 2019 “gut-healthy foods” are going to find the spotlight. Next year will be the year to try kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, or, if you’re just not feeling that adventurous, you could always up your yogurt intake. There’s even a probiotic ice cream on the market now.

Finally, the last food trend Kroger predicts for 2019 is that natural sweeteners will start appearing in more desserts, and some will have a lower sugar count. No one is expecting any of us to give up sugar all together, but according to Kroger’s predictions, consumers are actively trying to at least cut down on their sugar intake.

With that in mind, go forth and eat! The future of food sounds delicious.