Kroger: Grocery Store

Kroger: Grocery Store

Faith Durand
Mar 5, 2008

We are blogging our way through major national grocery store chains and letting you weigh in with your impressions, thoughts, and opinions.

Today's pick: Kroger. Kroger is a grocery store behemoth. They are the dominant player throughout the East and Midwest, and they also own several other grocery brands familiar in the West and South: Ralphs, Smith's, and Fred Meyer.

Kroger is a necessary evil where we live, but we are not huge fans.

Kroger has all the basics: they are a full-service grocery store with a huge footprint in the suburbs. They have a bakery, deli, seafood counter, meat counter, and much more.

On the organic and green side of things, Kroger has been working to offer more and more organic produce and products. They have an aisle of organic brands and organic options for most of their major products. Their own in-house brand is not nearly as appealing as the comparable brand from Publix, however, and we do find their produce and organic prices to be very steep.

They use a customer rewards card which give discounts on many items; we are cynical about these little programs, though, and don't like the fact that we have to use a card to take advantage of their deals.

Overall, when we can, we'll go to Whole Foods, a local market, or the greengrocer, but when we need basic groceries it's hard to beat Kroger's huge selection and fairly low prices on basic staples.

Click on the map to see Kroger and Kroger-owned grocery store chains across the country. They are in most major regions of the US.

What are your thoughts on Kroger?

(Image credits: Store Photo: Cripe Architects; National map: Kroger Corporate)

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