Krispy Kreme Just Released a Line of Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts — And There’s Even One That Tastes Like Cookies and Creme

published Jan 7, 2022
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Krispy Krreme Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts
Credit: Krispy Kreme

The holiday baking season may be well behind us, but if you’re on the hunt to soothe your sweet tooth, you can always count on Krispy Kreme to do the job. Though you may have thought that the longtime brand couldn’t deliver anything better than their Let It Snow Collection or their Gobbles of Gratitude Thanksgiving Collection, the purveyor of dough is churning out a gift so good, it should’ve had a bow on top.

Available beginning January 7 (that’s today!), Krispy Kreme is giving fans a treat worth talking about. For a limited time only, those of you that absolutely love the Chocolate Glaze doughnut can get it in mini form. And, you’ll have four flavors to choose from. Yes, Chocolate Glazed minis have finally touched down and you’ll want to grab some as soon as you can.

Each of the doughnuts is made from the Mini Chocolate Glazed Doughnut — which is just their iconic doughnut mini covered in chocolate glaze — and has delicious toppings that you’ll want to chomp on as long as they’re available. So what are the three flavors you can expect outside of the Chocolate Glazed? Well, there will be a Mini Chocolate Glazed Cake Batter Doughnut, a Mini Chocolate Glazed Cookies & Kreme Doughnut, and a Mini Chocolate Glazed Peanut Butter Doughnut. Yum!

While their names pretty much speak for themselves, if you wanted a little more intel on each, I’ve got you covered. For the Cake Batter Doughnut, you can expect your mini Chocolate Glazed doughnut to be dipped in more chocolate and topped with rainbow confetti as well as a dollop of cake batter Kreme. The Cookies & Kreme Doughnut, on the other hand, finds itself topped with delicious Cookies & Kreme filling and finished off with cookie crumbles. And lastly, the Glazed Peanut Butter Doughnut is drizzled with tasty peanut butter sauce and topped with a dollop of peanut butter Kreme.

In addition to the LTO sweets, for the entire month of January, KK will be offering “Flavor Fridays” — a deal to purchase four mini doughnuts for $4 on January 14 with the option to nab a box of 16 Chocolate Glazed or Original Glazed minis for just $7.99 on the two Fridays following. Now if that’s not a doughnut (and chocolate) lover’s dream, I don’t know what is!