I Tried Kris Jenner’s Cleaning Line on Stuck-on Scrambled Eggs, and Here’s What Happened

published Oct 16, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Getty Images, Target, Safely

I’m not the scrubber in my household. Laundry? Sign me up. Tidying and organizing? Definitely my territory. I just have no desire to scrub and scour at unidentifiable gunk, getting my face all up in the necessary chemicals to do so. As the person who handles the Target runs, though, I’m usually responsible for cleaning product restocks. My strategy has typically been to grab whatever packaging speaks to me — or, honestly, whatever’s cheapest. This is how I found Safely, the cleaning brand co-founded by none other than Kris Jenner. 

Now, I know we’re all thinking it — why? Doesn’t she have people to clean for her? She probably does. As the mom of four Kardashians and two Jenners who essentially run the entertainment news cycle, cleaning probably isn’t the first thing on her mind. But trust me, her line is still the real deal. Never in my life did I think I’d feel so passionately about cleaning products until Safely came into our home.

But don’t just take my word for it. Although I’ve been using them for months (and swear by them!), of course I had to show you how they actually work. I put three Safely products to the test: their multi-surface cleaner, dish soap, and reusable paper towels. (I get them at Target, but you can also get them on Amazon or at Walmart.)

Credit: Quincy Bulin

The multi-surface cleaner had its work cut out because I hadn’t cleaned my sink in weeks (let’s just say it was for the sake of this article). Most prominent was the cat hair, loads of toothpaste scum, and some crusty material I’m not too sure about. Along with my trusty microfiber cloth, I went to town on the sink and faucet. 

Credit: Quincy Bulin

A couple of crusties required some extra TLC, but the good news is that when I was leaning in to scrub, I noticed that the spray wasn’t irritating my nose like pretty much every other spray I’ve ever tried has. In fact, I chose to inhale deeply because it smelled shockingly good. (“Luxury” scents like Calm, Bright, Bloom, and Rise — I know, descriptive — are uniquely fragrant of light florals without being overwhelming. I’d seriously wear them as perfume if available, but I’ll happily settle for the home fragrances.) Besides that, the cleanup was such a breeze that I actually wondered if I should make it a multiple-times-a-week thing. (We’ll see.)

Credit: Quincy Bulin

Next up, the dish soap and reusable paper towels. After letting it soak, I decided to attack a frying pan used to make scrambled eggs. It’s my least favorite thing to wash because leftover eggs can be particularly stubborn, but spoiler alert: They really weren’t that bad this time! I put the dish soap and reusable paper towels to work, and it took about five minutes to clean the pan entirely. 

Credit: Quincy Bulin

The reusable paper towels, made of biodegradable cellulose and cotton, might not technically be designed for this purpose, but they excelled nonetheless. Bonus: After I rinsed out all the soap and the last of the eggs, I could still smell the most subtle (and incredible) hint of the dish soap.

In addition to how well the products work, clean living is also super important to Safely — the brand is Green Seal Certified and a certified B Corp, using 30% post-consumer recycled material in its packaging. The aesthetics are a nice bonus, too (I don’t cringe putting the hand soap in my powder room) but what really blows me away is the price. Their high-end products are delightfully affordable (most are under $7, but all are under $15!), and not to mention eligible for my Target pickup orders.

TL;DR? Kris Jenner has done it again.

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