Kraut Juice: A Tasty Can Full Of Stink!

Kraut Juice: A Tasty Can Full Of Stink!

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 18, 2010

We recently set out on an adventure to our local grocer in hopes some inspiration would strike. You see, we were in need of some new drink ideas and we were tired of the same old fruity and fizzy concoctions. We don't drink and so we were looking for something new, possibly a little bitter, tart maybe? We just weren't sure until we saw this — Kraut Juice!

Now it's not often that we get excited over small cans full of stink, but this time we were. As many times as we've talked about the deliciousness that is pickle juice, well we knew there was just no passing up a can of kraut juice!

Although it's not something that sounds extra delicious straight out of the can (that idea gives us the shivers) we do like the idea of it's flavor balancing out a beverage or two. Kraut juice is literally the liquid in which sauerkraut is cured. Since we'd never seen it on our supermarket shelves before, we did a little digging and here's what we found...

"It is widely available in many central and eastern European countries, such as Germany and Serbia, and in the parts of the U.S. Northeast and Midwest where German immigrants settled, such as central and western Pennsylvania.

It is considered as an excellent natural dietary supplement since it's extremely rich in vitamin C, as well as vitamins of B group, E, K, potassium (475 mg), calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and lactic acid." -Wikepedia

So now we know it's stinky, actually rather healthy and has that distinct krauty flavor, we're 100% on board with finding at least a few uses for it! Have you ever used kraut juice in your cooking before? Does the idea totally turn you off or are you slightly intrigued like we were? Share your thoughts below!

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