This Editor-Favorite Olive Oil Brand Just Released Delicious Olive Trios, And They’re My New Go-To Snack

published Oct 24, 2023
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three jars of olives on counter
Credit: Kosterina

Although I’m not from the Mediterranean region, my home country does border Greece, so you’d best believe I grew up in an olive-loving household. When shopping for groceries, my parents would always make a beeline for the olive bar and stock up for the week, making sure they were always included in our dinner spread. Even now, they’re still a staple in my diet, whether I’m adding feta-stuffed olives to my pasta, enjoying Castelvetranos as a happy hour bar snack, or eating them straight out of the jar at home. So, you can imagine how excited I was to try Kosterina’s new snacking olive trio, which just launched today. You might already be familiar with this brand, as they make some of our readers’ and editors’ favorite olive oils and vinegars. Now, the Greek-owned company has ventured into the snacking space with a very fitting new product. I got to try all three new olive varieties myself — and they did not disappoint.

What is the Snacking Olives Trio?

When you purchase this trio, you, too, can get all three of Kosterina’s new olive varieties. I first tried the coriander and pink pepper green olives, which naturally have a slightly citrusy, floral flavor. They’re light and refreshing and would make an especially nice addition to summer meals. Next, I tried two different kinds of Kalamata olives: the Greek herb olives and a spicy version. What’s great about each jar is that its contents are raw, pasteurized, and naturally cured, so they’re free of unwanted preservatives. Even if you have the olives shipped to your door, you can rest assured that they’ll taste fresh. Once you refrigerate them, they’ll stay that way for three weeks (though we’re sure it won’t take you that long to finish them). And if you find that you prefer one variety over the other two, you can also purchase a trio of just that kind.

Credit: Kosterina
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Why I Love the Snacking Olives Trio

The thing I love most about these olives (and olives in general) is how versatile they are. So far, I’ve eaten them as a snack with cheese and crackers, and they definitely make each bite taste more complex thanks to their fresh herbs and spices. But, I also can’t wait to cook with the olives: They’d be perfect in salads and Mediterranean-inspired bowls with hummus, potatoes, greens, and a host of other ingredients. The green olives are good, but I especially love both of the Kalamata olives. The spicy ones, in particular, add a nice kick to whatever you’re eating. Finally, I appreciate that all of the olives are pitted, so I don’t have to spit anything out mid-bite. Suffice to say, even if the rest of your meal is totally bland, these are enough to give it plenty of flavor, and they’re so easy to include in any dish. Pick up your own trio today for just $25, and upgrade your at-home snacking.

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