Why You Shouldn’t Scrape the Sharp Edge of Your Knife Over the Cutting Board

Several years ago, a respectable cooking teacher warned me to never use the sharp end of my knife blade to scrape whatever I was chopping off of the cutting board and into the pan or bowl. Instead, she flipped the knife and used the dull, upper part of the blade to scrape. Is this something you do too? Also, watch Taylor of Brooklyn Kitchen explain this in this short video.

I’m not sure this in common practice as I constantly see people, great chefs included, using the sharp end of their blades for this task. But to me it intuitively made sense to use the dull side and it’s been my habit to do it ever since. In fact, I tend to cringe when I see and hear a sharp blade being scraped across a cutting board.

According to many knife experts, makers and sellers, scraping the sharp end of your knife across your chopping board is a good way to wreck the edge and dull your knife. So get in the habit of flipping your knife over for this task or better yet, use one of those flat bench scrapers to scoop and remove your freshly chopped ingredients.

(Image: Chow)