Knife Skills & Shopping: 23 Ways to Educate Your Eye in the Kitchen

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Christine Han)

Knowing how to cut your food, and how to eyeball the size and weights of things at the grocery — these little instincts are best taught by looking at examples over and over. This year we helped you educate your eye in the kitchen and at the grocery store.

This collection of visual guides to the five basic cuts (chopped, diced, fine diced, minced, and julienne) and what a pound of 19 different fruits and vegetables looks like will help you to train in a more intuitive and less recipe-dependant style of cooking.

We all want our time in the kitchen to feel purposeful and agile. Stopping to look things up or trying to figure out the weight of something interrupts that flow, and the result is a more stressful experience. So training your eye to know, at a glance, what a pound of carrots looks like or having a mental image of the difference between a chopped onion and a minced onion is key to relaxed and confident cooking.

What Do the Various Cuts Look Like?

What Does a Pound of Fruit Look Like?

What Does a Pound of Vegetables Look Like?