These Sleek, Oven-Safe Food Storage Containers Are My Meal-Prep MVPs

published Jan 3, 2024
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk; Prop Styling: JoJo Li

I remember a time when I wasn’t into meal prepping — like, at all. These days, that’s hard to believe, since I’ve hopped on the meal prep bandwagon in a big way. Whether it’s making a big batch of rice for the week, roasting and parting out a whole chicken on Sunday night, or just frying up an entire skillet full of taco meat for my next few lunches, not having to worry about what’s on the menu for the first couple meals of the day is a huge time-saver and stress-reliever. (I still make my dinners each night to add some variety to my week, though!) 

However, meal prepping like this wouldn’t be possible without an arsenal of high-quality food storage containers. I’ve used everything from expensive (but awesome!) ceramic containers to reusable takeout containers from Amazon, and while I’ve had some success with those — and some bad experiences with others — I’m still on the hunt for my Goldilocks containers. Luckily, I recently found another great option: the lightweight Rise Food Box containers from Klean Kanteen

What Are the Klean Kanteen Rise Food Box Containers?

The Klean Kanteen Rise Food Box Containers are meal prep superheroes, sustainably made from 90% recycled stainless steel, and available a la carte or as a set. They’re easy to clean, leakproof, and oven- and microwave-safe. *Record scratch.* Now, you’re probably thinking: Microwave-safe? Aren’t they made of metal? You’re correct — but Klean Kanteen is very explicit with their claim that these are microwave-safe, since their smooth rounded edges prevent arcing or sparking, and I’ve popped mine in the mic multiple times without incident. However, the lids are not microwave- or oven-safe, and we strongly recommend you read through the microwave and oven instructions on the Rise Food Box product page before you test it out for yourself. Additionally, the containers are dishwasher-safe and nest within each other for easy transport and storage. 

Credit: Ian Burke

Why I Love the Rise Food Box Containers

Right off the bat, these are actually leakproof. Besides the tight-fitting rubber seal that the lids have, there’s also a cool latching mechanism on either side of the main containers, which helps a ton. Being able to heat these in the microwave is also a huge plus. However, it’s the lightweight design that does it most for me: My ceramic containers from Caraway are awesome but are also shockingly heavy, so when I have a large one full of food in my work bag — plus my laptop, charger, water bottle, and other stuff — it makes the commute to work a lot harder. (And sweatier.) With the Rise Food Boxes, I hardly notice them in my pack, but they’re just as sturdy and secure as ceramic or hard plastic options. Another neat feature is the movable dividers within the larger containers. If you want to use the divider, all you have to do is snap it on and off either of the sets of two tiny bubbles inside the container, essentially making your own bento box.

Credit: Ian Burke

And, with a perfect five-star rating on the site, it’s clear I’m not the only fan. “This bundle, along with a pair of the half snack food boxes to swap out for the small box as needed are the perfect combination for taking food with me on a short trip or for storing food temporarily,” one reviewer wrote. “The combination (Family Set + two Half Snacks) was a bit pricey at $100 but it will last me a lifetime (so long as my little monster puppy doesn’t manage to get to the lids).”

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-store, low-profile option for meal prep containers, this set is a great pickup. They’re oven- and microwave-safe (without lids), dishwasher-safe, customizable, practically indestructible, and ultra-lightweight. What more could you ask for?  

Buy: Rise Food Box Family Set, $79.95