15 Game-Changing Amazon Finds Readers Loved in 2022 (and We Did Too!)

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We all have those little, specific kitchen tasks that just get under our skin. One of mine is mincing garlic. It’s not a hard task. In fact, it takes fewer than 10 minutes to learn how to mince garlic like a pro. But, it’s the first step in so many recipes, and I realized that the tediousness of it was becoming a barrier to trying so many dishes I’d otherwise be excited to try.

That’s where the perfect gadget becomes much more than the single-task tool it was designed to be. I’m lucky to work at a cooking publication because I’m surrounded by people who are constantly sharing genius little finds that make my meal prep easier, such as this garlic press rocker that let me “skip step one” so I could get on to the fun stuff.

We’ve looked back on the year to find the dozen or so little tools our writers and editors shared that readers liked the most. What’s more, they’re all available on Amazon, and they’re all rated with at least four stars. So in the spirit of helping you solve that tiny annoyance that’s getting you down, here are the Amazon finds that were most popular with our readers (and editors!) this year.

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There’s nothing worse than opening the fridge and playing a game of “Why Is This Shelf Sticky?” These nonslip refrigerator liners make spills, crumbs, and dust easy to clean, leaving your shelves sparkling. They’re precut for standard refrigerators, but if you need alternative coverage, you can easily trim them to fit any area. You’ll get 12 of these liners in one order, so we suggest using the rest of them in cupboards and cabinet drawers. They also make a great placemat for dog food and water bowls.

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Do yourself a favor and buy a handheld vacuum cleaner. It’ll come in handy for cleaning messes in unexpected places like your car, couch, and computer keyboard. This one only weighs 1.2 pounds but packs a surprising amount of power!

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People have strong opinions about cleaning (or not cleaning) cast iron. Here’s ours: It’s easy when you have this handy cast iron brush. It has a built-in scraper to remove baked-on food residue with ease, ensuring you can get it clean without removing the seasoning.

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Garlic gadgets are hit-and-miss, but this one — the aforementioned Garlic Press Rocker — is a definite winner. It comes with a garlic peeler that removes the skin in seconds. Then, thanks to the ergonomically curved handle of the garlic rocker, you’ll have minced garlic in seconds. It’s much easier to use and to clean than a traditional garlic press.

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We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and we know one thing to be true: There’s always a better place to put your paper towel roll. This no-fuss solution frees up counter space while still keeping paper towels within reach. It comes with hardware for mounting, but the adhesive also works just fine. And, it comes in five finishes — silver, gold, rose gold, black, and gray — so it’ll fit right in with any kitchen design style.

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was $24.99

Speaking of paper towels, we’re trying to cut down on how many of them we use. Our go-to alternative is a pack of these Swedish dishcloths. They’re super absorbent, reusable, and biodegradable. Use ‘em anywhere you’d normally use paper towels, like cleaning countertops, appliances, windows, and mirrors.

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Psst: Your kitchen knives are probably dull. And, dull knives are actually more dangerous than sharp ones because they require more force when slicing and dicing. The answer: an electric knife sharpener. Not only does it provide fast, foolproof results, but it also extends the life of your knives. You’ll never use a mail-in service again.

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You probably didn’t put much thought into buying your colander, and that’s okay. But once you have this over-the-sink colander, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It solves a problem you didn’t realize you had: draining pasta and rinsing berries while there are dirty dishes in the sink. Plus, since it collapses into a compact basket, it’s much easier to store than the one you probably have teetering in a cabinet right now.

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If you have yet to discover the amazing power of cleaning with steam, allow us to give you a crash course. This steam mop cleans sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, and marble floors — with no harsh chemicals. And, it gets the job done in half the time of a traditional mop and bucket of water.

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was $39.99

Get your mise en place on point. This is our perennial best tip for success on pretty much any recipe: Do your prep first and have everything ready when it's time to cook. This produce chopper (and slicer and spiralizer and dicer and ribbonizer and ... julienne-er?) gets all that prep done quickly and finely so all of your ingredients are uniform and ready to go.

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The problem with good old-fashioned elbow grease is that it can really do a number on the elbows. When you've got some heavy-lift scrubbing to do, a bit of power goes a long way. Black+Decker made this little guy to scrub anything from greasy pans to sinks to ovens. It comes with several interchangeable heads that when you're done using pop right into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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Three and a half inches doesn't sound like much until you realize just how much of a premium your cabinet space is at. This genius cupboard organizer from Joseph Joseph corrals all those little things that turn into kitchen chaos and stores them in some of that precious vertical space. Baggies, napkins, coffee filters, aluminum foil ... whatever you want at quick reach hangs right under the counter for easy access.

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A cooking thermometer is one of those simple little tools that separate beginner home cooks from those who cook like pros. If you don't have one yet, drop the few bucks on a simple, straightforward instant-read thermometer and keep it at arm's reach from your oven. You'll notice meats coming out of the oven with consistently perfect tenderness.

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Berries would be the perfect fridge snack to keep on hand if they didn't spoil so dang quickly. When we discovered this berry keeper, it was like someone opened a farmer's stand right in our refrigerator. It doubles the shelf life of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, and we love that the clear container makes grocery-list inventory quick and simple.

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We all have at least one spot in our kitchens that could work harder for us if given the opportunity. If that spot happens to have a magnetic surface in your kitchen (say, the side of a refrigerator or a microwave), this is the kitchen organizer that's ready to step into service. It's a three-tier shelf with a paper towel holder that pops right on (and off) any magnetic surface but still holds up to 45 pounds.