The 10 Best Kitchen Finds We Couldn’t Get Enough of in 2023

published Dec 27, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

Selecting the right kitchen tools for your home makes a big difference. After all, good-quality gear can significantly improve your cooking. Lucky for you, as writers, editors, home cooks, and product testers ourselves, we’ve always enjoyed exploring new items and sharing what truly works, and these are the products that have been most purchased by our readers this year — ones that are worth your money. These tools don’t just enhance efficiency; they make cooking a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.

So, if you’re considering a kitchen upgrade, these are the picks that make an impact for everyone who visits our site (not just us!). From turntables to Stanley tumblers to Dutch ovens and more, it’s the perfect time to use your gift cards and invest in splurgy items that actually work. Discover the top Kitchn purchases of 2023 and make your kitchen the cooking destination of your dreams in 2024.

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We've been big on cabinet organizers this year, so it's no surprise that this Amazon find is a reader favorite. This multi-level shelf system works great for decluttering corners and creating more counter space. Whether you use it for spices, coffee gear, or pantry items, it gets the job done. You can adjust it along straight walls, and it even has hooks for smaller tools.

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was $109.00

ThermoWorks holds a special place in the hearts of professional chefs, our editorial team, and, apparently, our readers! Recently, the brand took its classic thermometer up a notch, and we've found ourselves even more captivated. This gadget delivers a read-out in just one second and aced our Best List testing by a landslide.

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The Container Store

Have you ever grappled with those awkward corner cabinets that seem like a black hole? The HomeEdit Lazy Susan will change that. Whether you position it in the fridge for condiments and beverages or in cabinets for oils and vinegar, this ingenious solution transforms once inaccessible spaces into easily reachable and well-organized areas — it's no wonder it's a reader favorite!

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This cast iron brush guarantees to keep cookware spotless without causing any damage. The back has a scraper edge for dealing with stubborn bits, and the robust bristles handle the rest, leaving you with a smooth, clean pan. Our senior commerce editor appreciates the durability of this tool compared to other scrubbing brushes. "If you want the last cast-iron cleaning tool you'll ever need, or you're just tired of sifting through unreliable cookware advice online, do yourself a favor and get this OXO Good Grips Cast Iron Brush ASAP," he recommends.

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The craze surrounding Stanley Quenchers has been impossible to ignore, landing this adventure tumbler in the ranks for one of the most sought-after items among our readers. I personally own one and can promise you, its portability is unmatched. I take it with me everywhere, and I love that it can fit in the cupholder of my car.

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If you love homemade ice cream, The Kitchn's senior commerce editor Ian recommends this quick and easy device as one of the best ways to make it. "This is the perfect treat-yo-self purchase since it’s easy-to-use, affordable, and hardly takes up any space in your kitchen," he writes in his review. Upgrade your ice cream experience effortlessly with this handy gadget.

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was $149.00

Stumbling across cookware as stunning as Drew Barrymore's isn't an everyday occurrence, and this 12-piece non-stick set is a prime example of exceptional beauty. Covering all bases in design, functionality, and affordability, this set goes above and beyond — and yes, it's dishwasher-friendly! A genuine gem, it's no surprise that both readers and editors alike favor this remarkable cookware set.

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A well-seasoned cast iron pan is irreplaceable in your cooking arsenal, but it can be a bit of a pain to get totally clean. Instead of dreading clean up, scrape food with this magic piece of plastic, and you’ll wonder why you ever thought caring for cast iron was hard. The scraper works best on a warm pan, so before you get to work, let your cast iron cool slightly and get to scraping.

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Our Place
was $155.00

If you've been unsure about using cast iron, Our Place's Cast Iron Always Pan is easy to handle, making it a reader favorite. With a matte-black enameled surface, it combines the benefits of high-performance cast iron with easy cleaning. In our tests, we achieved great sears and well-baked dishes using it, and you can, too.

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Le Creuset
was $360.00

Le Creuset's website is packed with timeless culinary essentials, but the one our readers love most (and our editors) is the iconic Dutch Oven. Available in sizes ranging from 3.5 to 9 quarts, it's the perfect item for preparing fresh winter soups and stews. Not to mention, it boasts quite the aesthetic!

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was $545.00

Upgrade your kitchen or replace mismatched pots and pans with this popular set that Kitchn readers love. With a range of attractive colors, this cookware not only looks great but also delivers excellent performance. The ceramic-coated interior ensures a nonstick surface without harmful PTFEs (the stuff you've heard about in the news). It's oven safe and surprisingly lightweight for easy handling.