Kitchn Cure: Week Three! Use What Your Mama Gave You

Kitchn Cure: Week Three! Use What Your Mama Gave You

mango's very tidy and sparkling clean kitchen.

Welcome back, Cure-takers and Cure-voyeurs. I don't know about you, but I'm totally inspired by all the cleaning out, nipping and tucking going on in people's kitchen cupboards and fridges.

mandarinmarie says "The fish sticks are already gone and I'm throwing out the stupid grape jelly that we haven't touched for a year, though."

Given the processed foods discussion, we heard quite a bit about grape jelly. Hopefully, by now, we've settled the question. As inspiring as it is, and as great of a job you've all done, I'm ready to move on from seeing photos of your ingredients.

It's time to cook.

Amalia12481's before and after shots are almost a Where's Waldo game since they don't actually look that different. But visit her Flickr page and read the plethora of notes on each photo.

Let's review. Last week you went tearing through your kitchen and got rid of (donated, threw away, recycled, Freecycled, composted, etc.) highly processed foods, hopefully, and any remaining expired or other foods that are not suitable to be used. You also went through your tools and equipment, only keeping what you really need. While your cupboards and drawers were empty, you polished to a shine.

You are exhausted. And you are probably hungry.

mango, having finished her assignment from Week Two, jumped the gun and moved forward, seemingly reading my mind. She stocked back up with wholesome ingredients, and then cooked with them. They even ate by candlelight.

This Week's Assignments

• Finish up any unfinished business from Week One and Week Two
• Open all your cupboards and your fridge, take a long hard look at what you have, and cook a meal using the ingredients. If you are stumped, submit your list of ingredients with a photo, if possible, to our cupboard challenge - we'll help you.

• Photograph the process of making this meal: ingredients laid out, cooking, serving, eating. Post on the Flickr page, with photos labeled.

• Then, and only then, take a trip to your local market. If you have a farmers' market in your area, go. Purchase between one and three pieces of locally grown produce, if possible. Depending on your location, this might mean green-house lettuce. Maybe strawberries if you're in the southwest, lucky you. Report in, tell us what you find. Here in New York, it's pretty grim, but there are micro-greens, and cellared root vegetables. Ramps soon? Incorporate your purchase into a meal. Again, document it.

• Don't worry about how fancy your meal is. Next week we'll talk about culinary skills. This process of making this meal is meant to get you centered, using your new sparkling clean kitchen, and to show me and your fellow Cure-takers where you are in your cooking.

• Continue to check out The Kitchn Cure Flickr Page and upload your "before" and "after" photos. Open those cupboards and refrigerator doors and dare to show us the state of things. If you want to highlight your pics, put your link in with your comments. This will allow us all to talk about one and learn from one another's project. Remember to label your photos. By uploading your photos to the group pool, you are granting us permission to use them in a future post. Please enable permissions in your Flickr preferences.

• About half of the three hundred of you have taken the preliminary survey. It would be a great help if the rest of you did. It only takes a few minutes. Scroll down; the survey is at the very end of this post. Only take this survey if you've already officially joined for the Cure. The survey is at the very bottom of this page.

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Here is the survey. Please, only take this survey if you've already officially signed up for the Cure.

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