The Top 10 Things The Kitchn Readers Bought in January

updated Feb 5, 2024
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galley kitchen with wood counter tops and white cabinets

We find, test, and review a lot of products here at The Kitchn, and when they resonate with our readers, the work feels that much more rewarding. Whether we’re covering a new go-to piece of cookware or a cleaning tool that leaves counters sparkling, it’s always interesting to see which picks get picked up by you. Last month we covered a number of cool products that made both cooking and organizing more efficient. When January came to a close, we once again wondered, which of those gadgets did you love, too?

We took a look through the data and were delighted to find that so many of our favorite kitchen tools have been such major hits with our audience, from a turntable cabinet organizer with a small footprint to adorable heart-shaped mugs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day (and beyond). Some of the top performers were expected, while others served as somewhat of a surprise. And, because you’re also probably curious to know which products your fellow readers have been using, we’re sharing the list. The products below are the best of the best — according to, well, you!

1 / 10
Le Creuset
was $350.00

Inspired by traditional Provençal cooking, Le Creuset's cassadou sauté pan combines vintage charm with modern functionality. Crafted from classic enameled cast iron, it evenly distributes and retains heat without requiring seasoning. Thanks to its sturdy enamel finish, this pan is safe for all stovetops, oven-friendly up to 500°F, and easy to clean.

2 / 10

This turntable initially blew up because it was available at Aldi, but you can also snag it on Amazon for just $12. Its spinning design fits into drawers, cabinets, and fridges, making it easy to grab whatever you need without having to dig all the way in the back or displace items. From condiments, spices, and toiletries to art supplies, jewelry, and makeup, there's no limit to what the turntable can hold.

3 / 10
Le Creuset

Whether you want some chic V-Day decor or you're into all things heart-shaped, you'll want to pick up a set of these fast-selling mugs. They're already sold out in the pink shade, but you can still snag them in red or white. The mugs also come with matching saucers and promise to upgrade your tea time table setup.

4 / 10
was $21.99

In small spaces, practical storage solutions that double as decor are a must. This two-tiered produce basket utilizes vertical space and makes it easy to keep your veggies and fruit separate, all in a neutral design that complements almost any kitchen aesthetic. What's more, its baskes are perforated, helping your produce stay fresher longer.

5 / 10
West Elm

If your goal is to get organized this year, the Peggy drawer organizer is a must-have. It consists of a tray that extends up to three inches and removable pegs, which help with the storage of pots, pans, food containers, and lids. (You get 32 pegs in total!) You'll also love the organizer's non-skid feet, which help it stay put.

6 / 10

There's an endless number of jarred tomato sauce brands to choose from when perusing the shelves at your grocery store, but according to contributor Su-Jit, none of them hold a candle to Vincent's. She particularly loves the hot flavor, which pairs well with a variety of eats, including mussels, pasta, and calamari. Su-Jit described the sauce as having a "smooth, subtle heat that discreetly comes in at the back of the bite, thanks to a process where red pepper flakes are sauteed in oil and gradually layered in increments."

7 / 10

All-Clad's fan-favorite D3 stainless mini casserole pan is perfect for everyday cooking and, with its luxe appearance, it transfers to the table for dinner parties, too. Generous side handles also ensure a secure grip, while a tight-fitting lid keeps moisture locked in.

8 / 10

Food container lids are some of the most challenging kitchen items to store, but this editor-loved YouCopia StoraLid find takes care of the problem for you. "The organizer is totally customizable," wrote contributor Shifrah after using it in her own kitchen. "It has slots that you can fit dividers into, so you can sort your lids by size and configure the organizer accordingly. Second, the organizer allows you to store your lids vertically so that you can grab what you need with a simple touch — no unstacking and re-stacking (or lid avalanche) necessary."

9 / 10

Tupperware’s smart container is as ingenious as its name suggests. Each piece is built with a vented top, providing optimal air circulation for your onions, garlic, or potatoes. It also controls light and humidity levels, so they’ll stay dry and fresh for longer, which saves you money and trips to the store. Plus, the container has a lid on the front for easy access.

10 / 10

Tupperware has been killing it with their retro-inspired releases lately. Our readers were particularly drawn to this four-pack of pastel bowls, which come with tight-fitting, sunburst-engraved lids. Inspired by last year’s final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the bowls are designed to double as storage and serveware.