The Top 10 Things The Kitchn Readers Bought in October

updated Nov 3, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

As much as we love sharing new tools, organizers, and cookware that help us save time, energy, and space in our own kitchens, we’re always curious to learn which kitchen finds you’re currently obsessed with. In October, we found a lot of cool gadgets that make cooking and organizing easier. From a fruit basket that neatly holds produce to new drops from editor-favorite brands Our Place and Le Creuset, this month held some great discoveries. That made us wonder: Which of our finds did you love, too?

After parsing through the data, we were delighted to see that so many of our favorite kitchen items have been such huge hits with you, our beloved readers. It’s also interesting to see a few unexpected breakout stars. And, because you’re also probably curious to know which must-have gadgets your fellow readers have been using, we’re sharing the most popular items. The products listed here are the best of the best — according to, well, you!

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A unique find that flips a seemingly mundane piece of kitchenware on its head, the Slice’n Store butter dish adds much-needed functionality to a long-standing staple. Upon first glance, this dish looks like any regular butter dish, complete with a transparent covering that allows you to always keep an eye on your butter supply. But, a closer look reveals two ingenious features: an integrated blade and base measurement notches. The blade cuts through cold butter with ease, while the measured markings make slicing perfectly sized pats a breeze.

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When dealing with a small fridge, your best bet is to invest in some organizers to maximize space. After seeing this rectangular turntable on social media, contributor Shifrah decided to give it a try. "By transferring refrigerated items to the turntable, I was able to empty out three plastic bins in my refrigerator, and it doesn’t budge, thanks to the suction cups on the bottom," she wrote. "The best part is how much more easily I can access everything on the turntable — especially compared to the bins. I can reach everything from the long sides and short sides." You'll also find that this flat, tray-like organizer has a bigger surface area than traditional turntables.

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Five Below

Portable blenders are one of the best tools for taking snacks on the go, and it's no wonder this $10 find from Five Below is so popular. Whether you’re at the gym, school, or work, just add liquid and fresh fruit or veggies, and blend. The result is a quick and delicious smoothie to sip on when you’re hungry and on the move. Recharging the blender is as easy as recharging a phone, and it's compact enough to toss in a purse.

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There are a few underused spots you can make use of when you're running low on storage space in the kitchen, and the shelf on top of the stove is one of them. All you need is this magnetic silicone insert, which you place over top to hold spices, oil, and other pantry staples in place. Thanks to this find, you'll be able to declutter your cabinets and reorganize your other kitchen surfaces.

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Our Place

Our Place's first kitchen appliance launched in June and was an instant success. This miniature oven takes up little counter space and lets you bake, roast, steam, reheat, and air fry. It has simple controls that let you dial in the perfect cooking environment and can hold up to two racks of food. Plus, when it's hot outside, this device won't heat up your kitchen nearly as much as a full-size oven does.

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was $21.99

If you have a two-tiered organizer of any kind, you know what a game-changer they can be. That same sentiment goes for this two-tiered fruit basket, which contributor Caroline has in her own kitchen. "I’ve found that it accommodates all the regular countertop produce we (as two people who cook several times a week) use, with room for some rotating extras as well," she wrote. "Additionally, you can detach the top and bottom baskets if you just want to use them on their own, which is an amazing feature." And, because the organizer is made of iron, it won't waver under the weight of your produce.

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was $43.50

If you don't have space for a coffee machine, there are some pretty great single-serve alternatives, including this pour-over dripper. Senior commerce editor Ian loves that its metal stopper is at the bottom, which essentially turns the standard V60 he'd previously been using into a hybrid immersion brewer and pour over. "What that means is you get all of the benefits of pour-over (quick, flavorful, drip-style coffee) with all of the benefits of a French press (high extraction, full body)," he wrote. "Plus, the coffee tastes great — there’s no grit, you get great extraction, and the number two size makes just enough for a single serving."

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Our Place

Although Our Place's Dream Cooker just launched this past month, it's already a huge hit with shoppers. This compact, efficient multicooker cooks, sears, and reduces your cook time by up to 80 percent. In addition to cooking, the appliance has an automatic "keep warm" feature that can prevent your food from going cold for up to 12 hours. What's more, the Dream Cooker is made to live on your counter, not least of all because of its chic design and detachable cord.

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This spice organizer is unlike any other we've seen, as it's basically two side-by-side caddies that share a magnetic base and rotate outward, letting you easily grab what you need. Designed to hold a variety of small goods, the caddies feel lightweight at first, but once you load them up, they’re easily able to hold row after row of spices without wavering. Additionally, each rack comes with three shelves that you can snap in and adjust based on the height of your items.

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Le Creuset

In addition to launching a new color this month, Le Creuset also dropped a versatile pan that's perfect for daily cooking. The Everyday Pan is made from the brand's signature enameled cast iron, and it can accomplish a wide range of tasks, from roasting to frying to simmering. According to the brand, it “combines the benefits of a braiser with the ease of use of a fry or sauté pan,” so it saves you tons of space as a three-in-one item. The pan also boasts an impressive 3-quart capacity.