If You’ve Been Waiting to Buy a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Now’s Your Chance — They’re Up to $170 Off

published Aug 30, 2023
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Credit: Katie Currid

If somehow it hasn’t crossed your radar yet — Labor Day weekend is here! It’s the last hurrah of summer, so if you don’t already have some get-together or outing planned, now’s the time to start planning what you’re going to do with your day off from work or school. Another thing you need to get on ASAP? Labor Day sales! And what better way to end the summer on a high note than by scoring a major deal on something that’s usually way out of your price range?

Here at The Kitchn, one item we always monitor closely during sale seasons is KitchenAid’s famous stand mixer. We love our stand mixers — they’re a must for any home cook — but we know they’re typically on the expensive side. Right now, though, QVC is offering them at up to $170 off — and you can get a number of attachments for less, too! Read on for eight KitchenAid products you can get for less during QVC’s Labor Day Clearance event.

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was $92.37

Speaking of celebrating the end of summer, what better way to do that than with a snow cone? This attachment can whip up shaved ice in a pinch — and it can be used to create a variety of treats. One reviewer even used it for iced coffee, writing that “the Ice Shaver is a God-send! Love it for my iced coffee drinks. So many options and simple to use. It has been attached to my KitchenAid since I got it! I use it almost every day. Great recipes, too!”

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was $412.00

Having just bought my first KitchenAid Stand Mixer myself, I can attest that these things work wonders. The 5-quart version can mix up to 9 dozen (!) cookies in a single go, and comes with a coated dough hook, coated flat beater, stainless-steel wire whip, pouring shield, and Flex Edge beater.

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was $88.00

Compatible with any kind of KitchenAid mixer and perfect for grinding meat for meatballs, burgers, and so on, Kitchn contributor Riddley included this one in her roundup of attachments you should definitely buy. “I used it to grind chicken thighs, following these instructions for cubing and freezing the meat prior to grinding. It works incredibly well — and so quickly! And the resulting meat is evenly ground and perfect for meatballs,” she said.

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was $523.95

This version has an impressive 4.7-star average rating from over 7,200 reviews. With its larger capacity, you can whip up to 13 dozen cookies or eight loaves of bread. “The mixer is powerful, especially when making dough for bread,” one reviewer confirmed. “The bigger bowl size makes a significant difference for larger batches.”

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was $89.00

Don’t have room for a stand mixer on your countertops? Try a hand mixer, which has as nine speeds and a soft start option to avoid splattering, which we all know can be a lifesaver. It also features an ejector button so you can switch out accessories easily.

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was $99.99

A second mixing bowl can totally come in handy, especially if you tend to bake multiple things at once. If one bowl is in the fridge cooling down, you won’t have to wait until it’s cleaned to start a new batch!

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was $459.00

This stand mixer will look totally gorgeous on your countertop, with five pastel color options and a glass bowl, as opposed to the standard stainless-steel model. In addition to looking prettier, the glass bowl gives you the added benefit of being able to easily see everything as you mix it.

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was $92.37

Homemade ice cream always tastes better, and if you have a stand mixer, you’re already halfway to getting it. Once you snag this ice cream maker attachment, you can make “delicious and creamy and perfectly churned [ice cream] in about 30 minutes,” according to Riddley. Check out these instructions on how to attach it!