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My KitchenAid Stand Mixer Is Worth Every Penny — For Holiday Cooking and Baking Alone

published Nov 16, 2022
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KitchenAid Pro Line Series 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer Review

A few years ago, my husband bought me the KitchenAid Pro Line Series 7-Quart Stand Mixer when I was going through a big baking phase. At the time, we lived in a rural area with excellent produce but had very limited access to baked goods, like good country-style bread and Swedish cardamom buns, so I’d make them myself.

This mighty mixer lived on the countertop for easy access and was my go-to machine when I’d get the baking bug. We became friends with many of our neighbors in our large apartment complex, and I’d make dozens of cookies or pretzel bites to share during weekly get-togethers. Whipping up beignets for a crowd took very little effort, and when my mom and dad came to visit, we made a few trays of New York City-style bagels to enjoy throughout the week. Needless to say, we became the destination for our friends to pop in for baked goods or a lavish Friday night feast. 

When we moved to Los Angeles, we downsized to a smaller apartment with less counter space, so my mixer was relegated to being stored under the sink, only resurfacing when I have some major cooking to do. Well, that time has come: The pre-holiday and holiday season is when my mixer gets to shine.

What Makes the KitchenAid Pro Line Stand Mixer So Great

Making cookies and other sugar-y, carb-y delights is my go-to move for gifting, and the generous capacity of this 7-quart mixer saves me lots of time by letting me prep big batches. If you have the room, leave it on your countertop; it’s a bit heavy at 32 pounds and, therefore, less portable. While I’d normally put the mixer away when I’m done with it, it’s too cumbersome to keep stowing it every other night. However, all that weight means lots of stability when the powerful 1000-watt motor is kneading through bread dough for chocolate babka, one of my favorite treats to give away.

The stand mixer comes with three attachments (a dough hook, whisk, and flat paddle), and a pouring shield. With the assortment of attachments available, my KitchenAid is certainly not limited to baked goods — I use the flat paddle to shred cooked chicken for tacos or to mix mashed potatoes (on a low speed to avoid the dreaded glue texture).

I also recently bought the grinder attachment to create my own country-style patés and custom ground duck burgers. Grinding your own meat is a game-changer, and now that I have an attachment to do so, I prefer it because it gives you much more control over freshness and quality. Other attachments on my wishlist include the slicer/shredder, food processor, and the deluxe pasta set (because who doesn’t love freshly made tagliatelle?).

My KitchenAid Pro Line mixer is an investment (even more so than usual given its capacity), but it’s paid off in terms of time and effort saved (my arms are thanking me), as well as the amount of delicious baked goods served. For the best deals, keep an eye on KitchenAid’s site or Williams Sonoma — especially as we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We’ll be hosting (and attending) a couple of dinner parties and potlucks before the new year rolls in, so my KitchenAid will definitely play an essential part when it comes to large-scale meal and bake prep. While I can appreciate the old-school effort that goes into kneading doughs and mixing batters by hand, let’s face it — I don’t have the time or desire to do it when I’m planning a 15-person meal.

As for the precious counter space? Well, I don’t mind making space either — this stand mixer is a real holiday MVP.