KitchenAid Just Launched a Dreamy New Color That Belongs in Every Kitchen

published Jul 11, 2023
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KitchenAid stand mixer 2023 color of the year announcement black and white stand mixer
Credit: KitchenAid

The word “iconic” gets thrown around far too often these days, but if there’s one brand that pretty much everyone agrees is, in fact, iconic in every sense of the word, it’s KitchenAid. Specifically, their best-selling Artisan Series stand mixer — and for no small reason. In addition to its versatility and the fact that it’s an absolute workhorse in the kitchen, the mixer also manages to stay modern and maintain its star status thanks to frequent color launches. Most recently, we covered their 2023 color of the year: the bold, punchy Hibiscus. This time around, KitchenAid has unveiled a shade that’ll appeal to those who enjoy a more low-key vibe when it comes to the appearance of small appliances and other kitchen accessories. Say hello once again to the 5-quart tilt-head stand mixer, this time in Porcelain. Instead of the many striking colors already available, this version employs a softer finish and will blend in seamlessly with any interior style.

Although KitchenAid’s wide variety of eye-catching colors is a huge part of what makes it such a fun brand, those with more minimalist tastes might not find the statement-making hibiscus, mineral water blue, or candy apple red stand mixers to be all that practical. Enter Porcelain, which will have no problem fitting in among wooden finishes, cream-colored cabinets, and other neutral elements in your workstation. It’s an eggshell-like hue that’s nothing short of comforting and inviting. But what’s most important is that you can shop the new color in KitchenAid’s famous and functional 5-quart stand mixer model.

Credit: KitchenAid

If there’s one thing every baker needs in their arsenal, it’s this small appliance. The mixer is one of the most powerful tools out there, regardless of whether you’re kneading bread dough, beating eggs, or mashing potatoes. The fun only increases when you add different mixer attachments, such as KitchenAid’s popular grain mill, shave ice attachment, pasta press, and so much more. With these gadgets, you don’t even have to be a skilled chef to make delicious, restaurant-quality meals at home. Of course, the 5-quart mixer also comes with a large, stainless-steel mixing bowl that helps prevent messes and withstands even the most forceful mixing settings without sustaining so much as a scratch. Enjoy all of the mixer’s wonderful qualities in a classy and timeless color when you pick it up in Porcelain.