This KitchenAid Food Processor Is a Meal-Prep Superhero and It’s on Major Sale Right Now

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

For me, the part of meal prep that requires the most amount of time (and effort) is not the actual cooking — it’s the prep work. All the proteins, vegetables, and aromatics that I have to clean, cut, and arrange to be cooked eat up a lot of time. And, knowing that I have this work in front of me is a really persuasive argument for ordering takeout. That’s why I’m on the lookout for a tool that will help me get through all the meal-prep steps more quickly.

One of the handiest kitchen gadgets for combating meal prep fatigue is a food processor. If you spend a little bit of time understanding what the different blades are meant for, you can use your food processor to do a lot more than just blitz ingredients into tiny bits. KitchenAid makes some of our editors’ favorite food processors, and this 13-cup model that includes attachments for slicing and dicing is on sale now at QVC for 25 percent off. It saves you precious time and makes it easier to get started on dinner — even at the end of a long day — because you know it will do so much of the work for you.

The most helpful attachment by far is what KitchenAid calls the “dicing kit.” It includes a sharp metal grid that moves back and forth to cut ingredients into bite-sized pieces with almost no effort on your part. It quickly cubes potatoes, onions, and peppers, and is perfect for chopping up all the ingredients for a fresh salad. Instead of spending 10 minutes (or more) cutting up all your vegetables by hand, you can get more consistent results in seconds by running them through the food processor. And, when you’re done, the bundle includes a silicone tool that pushes out stuck-on food bits so you can wash it easily.

There are other attachments that cover all your standard food-processing bases: grating, slicing, pureeing, etc. However, this model has some definite improvements over “standard” food processors. One is the dial on the middle of the lid, which lets you adjust the distance between the blade and the feeder tube to change the cutting thickness when you’re slicing ingredients. So, if you want your potatoes cut super thin but your tomatoes sliced nice and thick, you can do both with the same blade and a couple turns of the dial. The other instantly noticeable upgrade is the extra-wide feeder tube. This lets you drop in larger pieces of food and means you can spend less time cutting ingredients down to size.

Credit: QVC

Whether you plan to use this food processor for meal prep, making small weeknight dinners, or big dishes for get-togethers, its 13-cup capacity has you covered. We like that its lid has a latch closure so you can open and close it without twisting it into place, and likewise, the entire unit snaps conveniently into place on the motor base — just lift it up or press it down and it’s ready to get to work!

For a food processor from one of our favorite brands with this many useful attachments and design upgrades, the sub-$200 price tag makes it a great deal. Grab this now while you still can and discover the difference it makes when you need to get dinner started and don’t have a lot of time.