KitchenAid Created a New Accessory That Makes Prepping Bread a Breeze

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Credit: KitchenAid

Whether you prefer a tart sourdough, cinnamon raisin loaf, or challah, one thing is undeniable: Homemade bread is delicious. The satisfaction of making your own loaf only makes you want to bake more, but as you move beyond a simple banana bread recipe, the more complicated it gets. Mixing, kneading, proofing, baking — all of these steps require specialized skills and equipment to get the nuanced flavors and textures professional kitchens turn out. That is, until now! The smart folks at KitchenAid just introduced an all-in-one Bread Bowl with Baking Lid that truly puts the “art” in artisan quality with one simple mixer attachment. Need proof of why it’s so amazing? Keep reading!

First, the chip-resistant ceramic bowl is microwave safe, so you can warm up your liquid with no extra bowl required. Then click it into a Kitchn Essentials-approved 4.5- or 5-quart tilt-head KitchenAid stand mixer with the standard dough hook attachment, and you’re ready to go. Save time and your elbow joints by letting the mixer knead all that glutenous magic for you. Bonus: no flour mess on your counter!

Now here’s where it gets even better. Leave the dough right in that bowl to proof. Don’t pull it out, dirty another bowl, and guess when it actually “doubles in bulk.” Leave it there and let the proof guide inside the bowl tell you when you’ve hit the sweet spot. Proofing overnight or prepping in advance? The bowl is fridge and freezer friendly! And when you’re ready to bake, just pop on the lid to create a steamy environment for the perfect crispy crust and chewy interior. No weird tricks like dangerously spraying water inside your oven to create steam. This all-in-one bowl safely does it for you while also ensuring an even bake on all sides.

Credit: KitchenAid

Flip it over, let it rest, and then use that lid as a serving tray. Once you’ve devoured your perfectly chewy loaf (no judgment if it’s all in one sitting), pop the bowl into the dishwasher before going at it again. From a classic white boule to hearty rye and rich brioche, everything comes out faster, easier, and tastier with this bowl. And with almost no cleanup required, you’ll have more time to plan what deliciously carby creation to make next …