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6 Ways to Beat the Heat in the Kitchen This SummerKitchen
So it’s about a zillion degrees out — but you still have to eat! And to do that, you usually have to spend some time in the kitchen (although takeout does sound good). For the days you’re definitely going to be cooking at home, here are our best tips for keeping your kitchen from overheating. File this one under “well, duh.” If you really want to keep things cool in your kitchen, your best bet will be to cook, er, prepare things that don’t use your oven.
Jun 20, 2017
5 Things to Know About Cleaning Up Leaked Meat JuiceKitchen
Handling raw meat isn’t really anyone’s favorite food-prep task. And if the juices leak, spill, or splash, you’ve got a tricky cleanup job on your hands, lest you risk serious food poisoning. Follow these tips to keep things de-germed. Smart grocery stores have plastic bag dispensers handy in the meat department so you can wrap up those meat trays.
Mar 31, 2017
10 Stove Safety Tips Every Cook Should KnowKitchen
The stove is the real workhorse of the kitchen, and even more so when you’re cooped up because of a winter storm and, er, cooking up one. But do you really know how to use it safely? Here are 10 stove safety tips every cook should know, according to Doug Rogers and Anthony Arroyo of Mr. Appliance repair services. What’s an anti-tip bracket, you might ask? It’s the thing that comes with most ovens and is usually tossed aside without a second thought.
Feb 21, 2017
10 Things You Should Throw Out of Your Fridge Right NowKitchen
Does opening your fridge inflict terror and guilt? While you should try to avoid food waste as much as possible, sometimes things are just past the point of no return. You can feel okay about getting rid of these 10 things in your fridge without a second thought. You’ll be doing yourself and your fridge a favor by making room for things you can actually consume. A clean fridge packed with delicious ingredients is something you can look forward to seeing. Here’s what you should toss.
Jul 7, 2016
Do You Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Kitchen?Kitchen
A family member recently had a big scare when a pan of cooking oil caught fire. His finger got burned and the kitchen sustained quite a bit of damage. Stories like this have always made me think, “I should get a fire extinguisher” but then I’ve forgotten about it within a day or two. Well, this time I didn’t put it off. How about you — do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen? Have you ever had to use it?
Oct 8, 2013
Kitchen Safety: Why a Sharp Knife Leads to Fewer Injuries Gourmet LiveKitchen
It sounds completely counterintuitive that a razor-sharp knife would actually cause fewer injuries in the kitchen, doesn’t it? An interview with a butcher in a recent Gourmet Live article reveals how this is so.Stanley Lobel of Lobel’s butcher shop in New York explains that a sharp knife means you have to make fewer cuts. A dull knife makes you work harder; several cuts are required where one or two would do.
Jun 30, 2011