5 Kitchen Trends Interior Designers Guarantee Are Already on Their Way Out This Year

published Apr 13, 2024
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kitchen with open shelving, white tile wall, and blue cabinets/drawers
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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of interior design, trends come and go quicker than anyone can possibly keep up with. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the heart of the home: the kitchen. Because kitchen design trends are constantly changing, it leaves many homeowners wondering what is actually in style right now. To give you expert insights into which kitchen trends are already on their way out this year, I tapped top interior designers to get their take. Ahead, learn more about which kitchen design trends are being left on the back burner — or in the dust! 

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1. Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Ah, the modern farmhouse aesthetic home cooks know and love. Well, as with all good things, that trend is coming to an end. According to Morgan DiRocco and Aly Costigan, co-founders of Kindred Interior Design, “Modern farmhouse kitchens were very popular, but are seeming to make their way out.” This is due to several factors, with the main reason being that the style has become completely oversaturated in recent years. The rustic charm look is everywhere, with many homes featuring nearly identical design elements. On top of that, they note, people are seeking more personalized approaches to their kitchen designs, leading them to move away from the larger mainstream trends.

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2. Open Shelving

There’s no doubt about it: Open shelving has always been a controversial trend in the kitchen space. While it’s useful for creating more storage, it can also lead to more visual clutter and a need to clean the items left out more frequently. “Design elements such as overly ornate cabinet hardware and excessive open shelving are being phased out,” notes Bree Steele, interior designer and trade accounts manager at RJ Living. “These features, while aesthetically pleasing, can often lead to functionality issues, with open shelving particularly noted for its impracticality in everyday use due to dust and clutter.” While there are ways to clean dust and make open shelving more practical, people are moving away from this design trend and moving towards tidier-looking alternatives. 

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3. Granite Counters

Unfortunately, some designers believe the time has finally come. “Granite counters are a thing of the past,” say DiRocco and Costigan. Instead, “People are opting for quartz or quartzite for a softer look.” The rise of modern and minimalist design aesthetics has shifted the focus toward sleeker and more understated countertop materials like quartz and marble. These materials have a cleaner, more contemporary look that’s likely to withstand the test of time. Plus, materials like quartz offer a wider range of colors and finishes that essentially mimic the look of natural stone without the maintenance requirements of granite. (Frequently cleaning granite with lukewarm water and trying to avoid getting spills on it is so out.)

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4. All-White-Everything Aesthetic

“The ‘all-white’ kitchen has been very popular for some time, but now we are starting to see more warmth in kitchen designs,” says Andrea West, owner and principal designer at Andrea West Design. While the all-white-everything trend was huge for the last few years, she notes that it can lack personality and coziness. (Some people even find it sterile.)  “People are embracing more warmth with creamier or colored cabinets and a wood-stained or painted island,” say DiRocco and Costigan. “We are seeing a lot of charcoals and greens incorporated into kitchen design and we’re personally big fans.” This move towards softer, earth-toned palettes is ideal for creating more natural and inviting spaces — in the kitchen as well as the rest of the home. Steele adds that this shift in kitchen design “reflects a broader movement toward creating spaces that feel both personal and timeless.” 

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5. High-Gloss Finishes

When it comes to cabinet finishes, the trends seem to evolve even faster than other features — and this year, high-gloss finishes are on their way out. “Once prized for their sleek, modern look, these glossy surfaces are now often seen as impractical due to their tendency to show fingerprints, smudges, and scratches, requiring constant cleaning and maintenance,” says Steele. “As a result, people are gravitating towards matte and satin finishes, which not only conceal imperfections more effectively, but also contribute to a softer, more understated aesthetic in the kitchen space.” Again, the desire to warm up the kitchen and make it more inviting is a major trend that designers are seeing right now. Additionally, homeowners are prioritizing ease of maintenance and durability in their design choices, and the demanding nature of high-gloss finishes seems less appealing. 

The bottom line: “Go for what you love,” says West. “Trends come in and out, and they can definitely be helpful in inspiring some of your decisions. But if you don’t love a certain material or style, we recommend selecting pieces that are in line with your personality and lifestyle so that they will be loved for years to come.” No matter what the current trends might be, sticking to your favorite aesthetic never goes out of style.