10 Kitchen Trends to Leave Behind in 2023 (and What to Do Instead)

published Jan 1, 2023
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A new year is about a fresh start — and maybe a fresh new vibe for your kitchen? If you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation, but want to make sure you’re choosing a look that’s timeless rather than trendy, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up the features and fixtures that are on their way out in the new year — and a few ideas for what to do instead.

1. Open Shelving

While open shelving can help a small kitchen feel larger and more airy, the trend is starting to feel expected rather than fresh. If you really feel like you want them, try doing something a little different, like offsetting them. 

Credit: Bari J.

2. White Subway Tile

It’s time to think outside the rectangle and opt for something with a bit more pizzazz. That could be as simple as changing the orientation of subway tile — or going with a bolder color besides the standard white.

3. Huge Range Hoods

Industrial-size hoods can be great in larger kitchens, but trying to replicate the “trophy hood” trend in a kitchen that isn’t big enough can throw off the scale of the entire space. Instead, let the actual size of your kitchen dictate the look and feel of this functional component of your kitchen. 

4. Marble Countertops

We seem to know that marble countertops are high-maintenance, but for a while people have taken the plunge anyway. However, functionality and easy upkeep are back en vogue, meaning marble is on its way out.

5. Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are also losing popularity — and being replaced by quartz, which is easy to maintain and, increasingly, beautiful and natural-looking. Apartment Therapy called this out back in 2017 and the scales have continued to tip. Finishes besides the standard mirror-like look offer warmth and texture. 

6. Farmhouse Sinks

Sorry, Joanna! Unless you actually live in a farmhouse, this trend looks, well, trendy. Skip them for a more traditional sink, which Apartment Therapy has been gently suggesting since 2020.

7. Open-Concept Kitchens

Open-concept kitchens have been on the way out for a while, according to our friends at Apartment Therapy. Apparently, during the pandemic we learned to appreciate having separate spaces at home — including a kitchen that feels distinct from the living room.

8. All-White Kitchens

If the sterile white-kitchen look wasn’t your thing, get excited. Color and natural elements will be showing up more and more in kitchen design. 

9. Waterfall Kitchen Islands

While sleek and impressive, waterfall kitchen islands may also make a kitchen feel cold. Save the money you’d spend on extra countertop material and put it toward your light fixtures instead. 

Credit: Tom Scheerer

10. White and Gray Cabinets

Warmth in the kitchen is in, and that means that cool-toned white and gray kitchens are out. Pull in warmer tones by opting for natural wood or sprinkling in gold accents.