20 Kitchen Design Trends We Predict Will Be Huge for 2020

published Dec 21, 2019
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Credit: Viv Yapp

We don’t have a crystal ball or anything, but we are 100 percent certain you’ll soon be seeing some (if not all) of these design trends in a kitchen near you. Some have already started taking shape and some will really solidify in 2020. Take a look and then, when your friend shows you her new kitchen makeover, you can smile and know that you saw all of those trends here first.

1. All Things Cane and Rattan

Cane and rattan really started making a (strong!) comeback in the design world this year. And next year, it’s going to take off even more. Expect to see it on stools, chairs, benches, lighting, and sideboards. The different colors and different weaves allow you to customize the look to your style: A tighter weave works with a more modern aesthetic, while a more open weave lends a bohemian air to a room. 

Credit: Liz Flinn

2. Bar Dressers

Forget bar carts! People are starting to use dressers to hold their wine and spirits. The best part? The drawers create way more storage (for napkins, wine tools, and glasses) than a typical bar cart has and they help protect against dust!

3. Open Shelving (but Just a Few!)

Open shelving has been trendy for a while now. The update to the trend is having just a small section of open shelving (and traditional cabinets for the rest of your upper space.) This way, cabinetry gets broken up, you get to display your favorite pieces, and the messier/less-match-y stuff can get hidden elsewhere.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

4. Warm, Natural Tones

Think: More traditional wood cabinetry, warmer-color countertops, brown stone, and tones that move way past white. You’ll be seeing colors that range from cream all the way to a rich terra-cotta. Also, beige is back!

Credit: Lula Poggi

5. Warm, Natural Tones with Bold Colors

We’re also about to start seeing those warm, natural tones paired with bold colors. This room above illustrates the trend perfectly. Other bold colors gaining more and more traction: navy, deep green, and black. Use these color pops as a grounding force in natural light-filled rooms and you won’t regret it. 

Credit: Viv Yapp

6. Handmade Tiles

Rich with evidence of the craftsman’s hand in the finished product, this style adds texture to walls that feels much more interesting than standard subway style. But when used in a neutral color it still feels clean and classic enough to have some serious longevity. 

7. Slab Backsplashes

Instead of smaller tiles, think of this like an extension of your counter that travels up the wall. Not only does it show off all of the gorgeous colors and striations in your surface, but it also leads your eye up from the counter and helps make a room feel larger.

Credit: Hayley Lawrence

8. Closed-Off Kitchens

Remember when you couldn’t watch a second of HGTV without hearing someone talk about open-concept kitchens? Well, the tides have turned! People no longer want to see dirty dishes out of the corner of their eye while they watch TV. Those walls are going back up!

9. Plants

Plants in the kitchen are a must. They have been for years and we don’t see this slowing down any time soon.

Credit: Lana Kenney

10. Double Islands

We’re predicting two big trends for islands. The first is a tiered island with one level for working and another for dining. The other is having TWO ISLANDS. If you’ve got the space, go with two two islands instead of one big one. (With ample walking room between the two.) This adds additional storage and, if you tuck some stools underneath, you’ll have plenty of room for guests, too.

11. Abstract Wall Murals

Way easier than wallpaper (yes, even if you’re not super artistic!), abstract wall murals make a big impact, are relatively inexpensive to paint, and won’t take all that long. We’re also seeing more and more people painting over-sized architectural shapes near doors and doorways. Specifically arch shapes by a squared-off doorway.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

12. Larders (or a One-Stop Pantry)

No one wants to go looking through multiple cupboards while they’re cooking, so a larder is the perfect way to stay organized. Make it a one-stop situation instead, whether it’s one large, separate cabinet or a whole different room. (While the mudroom is out, walk-in pantries are back in.)

13. Pinterest-Worthy Pantries

Not only are separate pantries a thing, but it also helps if they’re so beautiful, looking at one will hurt your eyes. Impeccably organized and stocked with dry goods in sleek glass containers, matching shelf organizers, and labeled baskets/bins — you’ll be wishing the rest of your house could look this streamlined. 

14. Sustainable Materials

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: We only have one planet. Using more sustainable options like bamboo, recycled plastic, or reclaimed materials is here to stay. 

15. Painted Ceilings

Ditch the white ceiling paint in favor of something way more interesting. With everything from a light, airy blue, to a deep black covering the ceiling, it’s an interesting way to add a hit of color someplace unexpected. 

16. Minimalist Handles

People are ditching statement hardware and going minimalist. That means using either smaller knobs, leather pulls, cutouts in the doors, or push-to-pop open features. This trend is perfect for a super-minimal kitchen or if you want to show off some gorgeous wood grain.

Credit: Minette Hand

17. Rugs

Putting a rug in the kitchen used to just mean a small one in front of the sink. Now, people are going for big area rugs that either hide ugly floors or act as a statement for the room.

Credit: Anna Spaller

18. Glass Cabinet Doors

The real draw of glass is that it breaks up the look of a solid wood cabinet door but ISN’T open shelving. In addition to plain glass, you’ll start seeing fluted glass doors and even some frosted ones.

Credit: Minette Hand

19. Brass

Some might say that brass is on its way out, but it still seems to be holding strong. Here’s how to make it feel fresh: Mix and match it with other metallics for a less match-y look. Plus, trend-wise, it helps you hedge your bets.  

20. Texture

It fits in nicely with a few of these other trends, but adding texture in your kitchen (through reclaimed woods, various metals, and different stone) brings a warmth and homeyness to the room. Kitchens can feel cold and sterile, but making them less so is totally on trend. 

Which of these trends are you most excited about? Any you want to add to the list?