Kitchen Tour Favorites: Five Creative Storage Solutions

Our tour yesterday of Biggie’s well-organized and bento-optimized kitchen made us think back over some of our favorite creative storage solutions from past kitchen tours. Read on to see our top five…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In no particular order, here are five creative storage solutions we’ve enjoyed from past kitchen tours and kitchen spotlights.

  1. David Lebovitz’s vintage Champagne bucket.
  2. Great for utensils and spatulas. David inherited his, and he says that he likes to leave things out where he can see them.

    • Click here for full tour: Kitchen Tour: At Home in Paris with David Lebovitz

  3. Robert and Elizabeth’s vintage food scale with vegetables.
  4. What a great idea! The vintage scale hangs from the ceiling or wall, so it keeps your vegetables out of your precious countertop space. Plus it looks really cool.

    • Click here for full tour: Kitchen Tour: Robert and Elizabeth’s Soulful Sterling Place

  5. Kyle’s IKEA hanging containers.
  6. These are cute, compact, and almost irresistable. We may need to buy a set for our new kitchen.

    • Click here for full tour: Kitchen Spotlight: Kyle’s Colorful Boston Perch

  7. Benita’s organized casserole dishes.
  8. We like these dowel rods or boards holding the casserole dishes neatly in place. Very simple and clever.

    • Click here for full tour: Swedish Kitchen Tour: Chez Larsson

  9. Devesh and Tara’s Weck jars for spices and grains.
  10. And of course how could we pass up this beautiful, classic storage solution for spices and grains? We’re planning on doing something very similar in our new pantry.

    • Click here for full tour: Kitchen Tour: Devesh and Tara’s Spice Pantry

Have you noticed more good organization tips in our kitchen tours, or in other Apartment Therapy house tours? Leave a link in the comments…


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