Kitchen Tour: Andrew & Eric Start Anew

Kitchen Tour: Andrew & Eric Start Anew

Jill Slater
Jul 27, 2010

Andrew and Eric, winners of the Little Division of AT's Small Cool 2010 contest also like to cook. Like the rest of their brand new and efficient home, everything in the kitchen has its place, and a lot of labeling comes into play!

One need look no further than the pantry drawer below the counter. It's chock full of dried goods that are each happily stored in a plastic bin, and labeled for easy retrieval. Impressive!

Andrew and Eric are on a healthy kick. For them that means more home made salads and less home made chicken wrapped in bacon, but it also means eating in at least three nights a week. They love their new neighborhood of Williamsburg and want to make sure they frequent all their small local restaurants, but they also love their spacious white kitchen and the cooking opportunities therein.

The building is new construction, so Andrew and Eric are the apartment's first owners. The built in kitchen came as is, but they did their best to embellish in order to make it work for them. For example, adding plexiglass shelves to the overhead cabinets and incorporating smaller storage solutions within larger ones ensures that every inch goes to good use.

Andrew and Eric's Answers to the Kitchn Questionnaire

What's your cooking style?
We have two very different cooking styles. Andrew takes risks but is organized, allowing meals to be well-timed. Eric, on the other hand, is (painfully) slow and overly methodical. Dinner tends to be a little later when Eric cooks it.

What inspires your kitchen?
Simplicity. We love the clean and clear look of our white countertops. It is a great starting point for any meal.

What is your favorite kitchen tool or element?
We actually use a Griddler often for efficient and healthy cooking. Eric loves the Mixmaster; it gives him a sense of accomplishment.

Best cooking advice or tip you ever received:
Learn how to cook eggs properly before you learn anything else.

Biggest challenge in your kitchen:
For Eric, it is not getting stressed. Timing a meal has always been a difficult task for him. For Andrew, it is getting Eric to move faster.

Biggest indulgence:
We were fortunate to buy a place with a new kitchen. In the past year, our pans have been the largest investment we have made to supplement the space.

Dream tool or splurge:
In New York City, you always dream for more space: A bigger kitchen, a six-burner gas range, a built-in espresso maker.

What are you cooking this week?
We will definitely make a chili-encrusted salmon served on sautéed zucchini and carrots. It's a great healthy meal for the summer months.

What cookbook has inspired you the most?
Delia Smith's How to Cook series.

What's the most memorable meal you've ever cooked in this kitchen?
Andrew made a great chicken and shrimp jambalaya, as well as a spinach soup, for a holiday pot luck this past December. The first time Eric made a quiche in this kitchen was memorable. It was certainly a challenge to switch from a conventional to a convection oven!


Favorite tips / advice Always try to cook with fresh herbs. We have purchased a number of Williams-Sonoma Cookbooks. Good quality pans will go a long way in your kitchen. Good selection of spices can help any meal.
    • Countertop — White Caesarstone
    • Cabinets — Veneta Cucine
    • Stove — FCI
    • Range — Bosch
    • Dishwasher — Bosch
    • Microwave — Bosch
    • Fridge — Kitchenaid
    • Faucet — Dornbracht Tara Classic Faucet

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(Images: Jill Slater)

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