Kitchen Tour: Sally’s Rear Window

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Name: Sally
Location: West Village, New York City
Size: 8 feet x 10 feet

This small apartment kitchen has served this family well for 45 years. “A lot of the changes came out of necessity that comes with a growing family’s needs,” says Sally. Sally and her family often entertained large groups in their West Village brownstone apartment. They’ve also done catering, food styling, and wrote and tested six cookbooks here.

While Sally dreams of having a kitchen that looks like a butcher shop someday — “everything gleaming stainless steel and all white tiles with old oak floors and a center island with a stove top” — Sally, her daughter (and AT reader) Abby, and the rest of the family have many memories rooted in this kitchen. When Sally cooked for her children, she and a friend split large meat orders from a meatpacking district wholesaler. Sally’s husband did most of the wiring in the kitchen himself. The window over the sink houses the mustard pot collection, which inspired Sally’s first cookbook.

Thank you Sally for sharing your kitchen with us, and thanks Abby for the tour.

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