Kitchen Cleaning Tools To Keep You Out of The Dog House

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I make a mess every day. There’s a small trace left behind for every action I take in the kitchen. My wife can sniff it out in under five minutes. A left-behind kernel of granola tells her what I had for breakfast. The tiniest slivers of banana on our wood counter tell her I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich as a snack. I’m not a slob, I just make a few mistakes. These essential kitchen tools are what keep me in good graces — 99% of the time.

• 1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser — I’m told if you want to impress your wife for Halloween you might want to try dressing up like Mr. Clean. This magic eraser is one of the reasons why that’s a good idea.

 2. Flour Sack Towels — These are particularly useful for cleaning wine glasses. No spots, means nobody knows you had a glass of wine for lunch.

• 3. Scrub Brush — Leave a bowl of cereal in the bottom of the sink again? Guilty. The scrub brush makes me work to absolve my mistakes.

• 4. Dish Rack — Be careful not to let any utensils fall underneath it or you’re toast.

• 5. Non-abrasive scrubbing pads — Don’t forget to wring out thoroughly or your significant other will know you probably used it to clean up something you cut on the counter — not on a cutting board.

• 6. Bar Keeper’s Friend — Use after weeks of ignoring the stainless sink and faucet.

• 7. IKEA Tekla Towels — Put this in your lap when you’re eating lunch (especially if we’re talking spaghetti). Also doubles as a dish towel, so you can avoid that scrubber brush later.

• 8. Bon Ami Home Cleaners — For everything else you soiled, or spilt throughout the day. One day I’ll have it figured out. Maybe.

What are your favorite cleaning tools for everyday cleanup? 

(Collage: Chris Perez. Images: as linked above)