6 Useful Kitchen Tools You Need If You Fry a Lot (but Don’t Want Grease Everywhere)

published Oct 28, 2021
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What do you do when you’re in the mood for something deep-fried? You can either spend at least a few minutes debating if ordering takeout or opening a bag of prepared food will help, or even consider frying something up yourself. But the latter may not be worth the hassle of clean-up and potential grease spatter. Because here’s the reality: Frying food at home is often an at-your-own-risk activity. 

But it would be a cruelty to deny oneself of such pleasures. Oh, I can smell the buñuelos! What mouth watering goodies come to mind for you? 

With these six splatter-hacking tools you can feel comfortable frying away pretty much anything. Bust out those pork chops, defrost the bacon, and whisk the fry batter. Say goodbye to having to scrub away at oil and grease slosh on your walls, stovetop, and counters. I’m sorry, you’re going to have to get your arm workout in another way.

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You’ve probably tried frying with a splatter screen in the past and felt disappointed. Many splatter screens rust easily, don’t last long, or tend to clog. Well, fear no more! Made out of perforated stainless steel, the tiny holes on this splatter screen by OXO block splashes and droplets without getting stopped up. It’s 13 inches in diameter, but the round ridges of metal on the screen allow you to stabilize it and use it on pans, pots, and skillets of smaller sizes. Feel free to clean by casually throwing it in your dishwasher.

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The game’s changing, and grease splatter screens are trembling everywhere. As seen on "Shark Tank," this cone-shaped guard contains flying oil while offering complete visibility and access for flipping and stirring. That’s right, you don’t have to remove it to turn over those frying steaks! Just let it sit directly inside your pan while cooking.

Take your pick between the 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch options to use with your favorite frying pan. Take heed of this warning: Don’t be surprised if you end up collecting all sizes after falling in love on the first trial. “Love my frywalls, have all three sizes. With a stainless stove, they keep me sane,” said one reviewer. You won’t want your other skillets and pans coming down with an ugly case of FOMO. Best of all? Throw your frywall in the dishwasher after each use and roll it into a small sleeve for easy storage.

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Allow me to introduce you to another highly recommended splatter preventer featuring a design that allows you to flip and stir. Think of it as a weapon in your arsenal for deep frying. You can use it with any pot or pan up to 13 inches in diameter, and its sloping side wall blocks oil and grease from making it onto your cooktop. The center is open, letting steam escape, so whatever you’re frying is sure to come out crispy and juicy. After enjoying your meal, just place the guard in the dishwasher and fold the handle when storing.

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This freestanding metal guard is guaranteed to become one of your kitchen’s personal favorites. Don’t let this lightweight product fool you — not only does it reduce splatter, but it protects surrounding walls, appliances, counters, and cupboards from heat stress. After using, you can handwash effortlessly thanks to its non-stick finish, and fold it flat for easy storage. For its steal of a price, you can buy a couple to fry away in separate pans or to cover more area. Why pick bacon or sausage when you can have both, am I right?

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Extra-long utensils like these 16.5-inch frying chopsticks make it easier to handle foods from a safe distance. The length keeps you from getting splashed and attacked by hot grease, so you can forget having to wear long sleeves for fear of that popping oil. Be at ease flipping and stirring, given that you can easily pick up a good amount of food with these chopsticks. They’re still light enough to handle with ease and remain well balanced in your hands. Chopsticks like these also allow for complete control precision of whatever deliciousness you’re frying away in that pan.

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Pops and sizzles are inevitable when it comes to deep-ftrying, but if you control the oil, it will splatter less. This deep fry thermometer from KitchenAid can accurately register from 100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and will help you be smarter about how you fry. Designed at a curve to fit snugly around cookware walls, it allows for easier access and readability, and the clips are adjustable and silicone-coated to prevent scratching on your kitchenware. The thermometer can also be securely attached to your oven rack. The LED display provides for a clear reading that even the worst of fogging can’t beat.

Many reviewers reported that they won’t be going back to another thermometer because of this one’s sturdiness, while others gushed about having the same thermometer last for years. Some are even claiming that it was thanks to this product that they came to realize their oven’s temperature wasn’t registering correctly. As one reviewer shared, “This unit allowed me to determine that my stove was off by 35 degrees. That knowledge helped me understand why food didn't cook as fast as it should in my Wolf oven. Setting the oven offset has improved my cooking experience.”

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