Modern Tiles by Clé: Classic, Artistic, and Moroccan Tiles for the Kitchen

Clé is a tile lover’s dream. This online tile store specializes in unique, artistic tiles —they have a whole Artist Series featuring small-batch tiles from a curated selection of artisans, designers, and sculptors — as well as tiles they deem “design classics.” It’s a lovely collection overall, with some very unusual designs and textures, including tiles that resemble wood grain ends, and tiles made from recycled stainless steel!

The team behind Clé has a lot of collective tile expertise to offer, having “designed, collected, created, marketed, packaged, sold and — primarily — loved tiles from all over the world for a really long time with a great deal of passion,” as they say on their About page. There’s also a strong focus on “substance over style,” meaning all of the tiles they choose to sell are heirloom-quality, designed in the best, most beautiful way possible and meant to be cherished. The tiles below are just a small selection Clé offers, so definitely check out the full site for more inspiration. 

If price were no object, can you imagine how stunning these tiles would be as a kitchen backsplash or floor? Maybe even out on the deck under the table? Ah, one can dream.

See the Full Collection → Clé Tile



6. ‘Origins by Forrest Lesch-Middelton’ Ceramic Tile, starting at $7.50 per tile
7. ‘Pulse by Nathan Hunt’ Ceramic Tile, starting at $96 per square foot
8. Liberty Glazed Brick Tile$16.50 per square foot
9. Mosaic Stone Tilesprice upon request
10 ‘Wallpaper by Tilevera’ Handpainted Limestone Tiles$14.99 – $240, both per tile and per square foot

(Images: Clé Tile)