Kitchen Tech Survey: Do You Own an Electric Kettle?

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We are on the record as loving our electric kettle. It boils water in a fraction of the time needed to heat water on the stove or in the microwave, and it’s earned precious countertop space because we use it at least three times a day. We’re curious about your kitchen tech setup and whether an electric kettle has earned a spot there too. More about electric kettles and our favorite model, after the jump.

Our current favorite kettle is Adagio’s UtiliTEA kettle (pictured above on the right), which gives some control over the temperature. We like to heat water just under boiling for coffee and some teas, so this control is nice. We would love a kettle, though, that gave more precise control and that had an actual temperature display somewhere.

The pretty glass kettle pictured above on the left is this one:

Capresso Electric Kettle, $59.95 at Sur La Table.

Here are some of our past discussions and reviews on electric kettles:

Do you own an electric kettle? This is one place where Americans and Europeans seem to differ markedly; nearly every European home we’ve visited has had an electric kettle. Americans, on the other hand, seem to use them less. If you have a model or brand that’s worked well for you, tell us!


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