The 16 Most On-Trend Kitchen Styles Interior Designers Can’t Get Enough Of

published May 29, 2024
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Pink cabinets in historic apartment with patterned tiles.
Credit: Lula Poggi

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen — whether it’s with a few quick additions or a total overhaul of your space — it pays to know the current trends in kitchen styles before you start. According to the latest study of what Americans want most in their kitchens, bigger islands and higher backsplashes are among the many features and upgrades dominating kitchen remodels these days. But what kitchen style is best for you? Below, learn more about the 16 hottest kitchen styles that are popular in 2024, according to home design professionals.

1. (Mid-Century) Modern Kitchen Style

“Modern or mid-century modern style calls to mind minimal decor and use of natural woods such as teak or walnut and infuses pops of color,” says Erin Davis, lead designer at Mosaik Design & Remodeling. She notes that large open windows, brightly colored geometric tile and patterns, and flat panel cabinetry are all perfect to achieve the look. “Modern kitchens are popular for their streamlined look and clutter-free feel.”

Credit: Courtesy of Bakes & Kropp

2. “Soft” Modern Kitchen Style

“We’ve seen an increasing demand for modern-leaning designs with a softness that offsets the cold, impersonal feeling of a strictly minimalist style, and we’ve refined this idea into what we are dubbing ‘soft modern’ kitchen design,” says Bob Bakes, co-founder and head of design at Bakes & Kropp. This sophisticated-yet-cozy approach layers warm elements with the high-contrast details for a timeless kitchen design. Bakes notes that this kitchen style continues to grow in popularity as homeowners look for sharper designs with high contrast. “We might choose to use a very high-gloss finish for the cabinetry and offset it with a matte wood finish for open shelving or accent panels.”

Credit: Ally Scott

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Farmhouse kitchens bring a farm-chic vibe indoors. “With the rise in cottagecore style, we’re seeing a lot of rustic, wooden furniture be paired with natural materials,” says Naomi Neilson, founder and CEO of Native Trails. That combination of natural materials with elegant lines and features is at the heart of farmhouse style (that’s here to stay!).

4. Coastal Kitchen Style

Coastal style is ever-popular for the relaxed, casual feeling it evokes,” says Erin Davis, lead designer at Mosaik Design & Remodeling. “This style uses soft sand and watery colors to integrate that coastal feel indoors. Shiplap, beadboard, rustic wood, rattan, and white Shaker cabinetry are characteristics of coastal style kitchens.”

Credit: Gabby Mae Photography

5. Boho Kitchen Style

“California boho is a definite trend at the moment,” says Erin Bergant Harrod, owner of Heartfelt Homespace Interior Design. After the pandemic, she says she noticed a trend of clients wanting “warmer yet brighter” feeling homes with added textures. “Being outdoors is a natural calming activity so bringing more of the outdoor-like materials indoors helps to activate that relaxing feeling within you. To make this style work in your home, consider adding wood elements with woven wood shades that add some wood texture to the windows while also providing privacy, or adding wood planking to your ceiling.” She also recommends mixing metals through different light fixtures, hardware, and accents to create a comfy vibe. Additionally, adding texture in the backsplash, like with a 3D tile, can “bring a bit more dimension into the room and is often a fairly inexpensive upgrade.”

6. Industrial Kitchen Style

Industrial kitchens continue to be a hot trend through 2024 (and likely beyond) — and for good reason. With the function-first, frills-second design thinking, it prioritizes the use of everything in the kitchen rather than how it looks — although designers are still finding ways to add fun accents to industrial aesthetics. Whether it’s with exposed brick or mix-and-match shelving, you don’t have to choose between form and function.

7. Art Deco Kitchen Style

You’ve heard of Art Deco — but in the kitchen? This blast from the past is making a major comeback, and designers say it’s only growing in popularity. “The bold coloring and luxurious vibe of the materials used, like high-gloss finishes, marble furnishings, and ornate lighting, make it a great choice for people who want a really stylish and unique-looking kitchen,” says Bree Steele, interior designer and trade accounts manager at RJ Living. She notes the style usually works best with gold-toned accents and symmetrical designs to really draw in the Art Deco characteristics.

8. Western Gothic Kitchen Style

Mix dark and moody with cowboys and country, and you’ve got Western Gothic style, a kitchen trend taking off in 2024 (perhaps thanks to Beyoncé herself!). The style is a blend of traditional gothic looks, like deeper, darker hues, with good old-fashioned Americana.

9. Asian-Inspired Kitchen Style

“Asian-inspired designs are popular for bringing a sense of peace in a cluttered kitchen space,” home design expert Zach Dannett, co-founder of rug company Tumble, says. “Use materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, or natural stone for your countertops and flooring. You can also choose decorative elements like silk textiles, Asian pottery, or traditional Asian artwork to create focal points in your kitchen.” He notes that soft, natural lighting is also a must to mimic the warm, traditional Asian design — and to avoid excessive decoration while focusing on more practical items.

Credit: Gabby Mae Photography

10. Colonial Kitchen Style

“‘Timeless’ is a word most of my clients use when we first start talking about their wants in a new or remodeled kitchen,” Bergant Harrod says. “Oftentimes, these homes follow more of the traditional design style or even fall into a ‘white kitchen’ category, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you need to have a white kitchen.” For a “colonial,” or “timeless” kitchen style, she recommends a simple shaker cabinet door, a white subway backsplash tile (or a new twist on it, like hand-crafted), natural lighting through windows, and ample storage space for a kitchen you’ll never tire of.

Credit: Tanya Lacourse

11. Green Kitchen Style

“It’s not news that the all-white craze has calmed, and colors have been creeping back into the kitchen for the last few years,” says Michelle Barone, owner of Madison Hudson Design. “No one wants a cookie-cutter look any more. Blues will always be popular in a kitchen, but in 2024 green is the color we keep coming back to.” She notes the hue feels fresh by evoking the outdoors, and while dramatic in some instances, it can also be very calming.

12. Eclectic Kitchen Style

“The eclectic style is perfect for people who like to blend different styles and textures, and who don’t want to box themselves into one aesthetic,” Steele says. This specific style is unique and extremely personal with the varying combinations of different colors, patterns, and decor styles. “Because of the nature of this style, I have found that the best way to execute it is by choosing one color palette to unify the different styles to create harmony.”

Credit: Viv Yapp

13. Color-Drenched Kitchen Style

An interior design trend quickly gaining momentum, especially in the kitchen, according to Summer Kath, EVP of design at Cambria? “Color drenching.” This specific trend “spans the spectrum, allowing for the expression of vivid moods. It involves immersing oneself fully in a color or tonal palette, offering a cocooning and tranquil sensation, ranging from gentle neutrals to striking hues and even black.” Not sure your favorite colors to use? Check out the hottest kitchen color ideas here.

Credit: Mosaik Design & Remodeling

14. Scandinavian Kitchen Style

Originating in the Nordic region of Europe, Scandinavian design style uses functionality and simple, uncluttered decor to evoke a modern feel, according to Davis. “It features muted colors contrasting with light neutrals and use of texture to add interest. Natural wood and interesting light fixtures provide a cozy feel for gathering.” She adds that this kitchen style is like a mid-century/boho hybrid and is popular today for its clean and minimal feel that lets the art and accessories shine.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

15. Minimalist Kitchen Style

Minimalist kitchens focus on the idea that less is more,” says Dannett. “Stick to neutral or monochrome color schemes like whites, grays, and blacks to avoid visual clutter.” He recommends keeping decorations to a minimum, and instead going for one or two statement pieces like a striking light fixture or a piece of artwork. “It’s also a good idea to invest in high-quality appliances and furnishings so your kitchen looks more timeless even with minimal elements.”

Credit: Roseanne Martin of PA Real Estate Photography

16. Transitional Kitchen Style

Steele says the transitional kitchen merges the warmth of traditionality with key contemporary features for people who like both old and new styles. “Usually you’ll see classic cabinets that are painted in non-classic colors like green, with appliances and fixtures that are new. I personally really like this design for the way it fuses the new and the old in a way that suits both tastes.” The best of both worlds!