Kitchen Storage: How Do You Contain Your Containers?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While I wish this post was an impressive Before & After that wowed everyone with its organizational magic — but this is really just a plea for help. I am on a quest for some storage solutions for the mountain of plastic containers that fall out of the cupboard every time I open the door. I have come up with a few basic ideas to get them organized but also want to know what your solutions are for keeping your containers contained.

Here’s my plan:

Get rid of the excess: I imagine most of us have way more containers than we will ever have need for. I know it is time to face the horrible task of cleaning out my fridge when I am getting low on containers. While I appreciate this little reminder to throw away the questionable food lurking in the back of the fridge, it probably means that I should just get rid of a good portion of my containers. I should only keep the ones I really need in sizes that are the most useful and get rid of the random take out containers and other things that have found their way into my cupboard.

Separate the lids from the containers: I sort of do this already, but it really cuts down the time spent digging through the pile. Sorting the lids from smallest to biggest is also helpful.

Maintain control: Once I have them organized, keeping them neat and under control is key. Don’t throw extra containers in there and don’t make a mess of it by frantically digging through the cupboard in search of a perfectly sized container.

Those are my ideas, but I am wondering, what do you do to keep your cupboards from being taken over by containers? Share all your organizational tricks in the comments. My cupboard will thank you. (And if you’re stumped by this dilemma too, then watch for our spring Kitchen Cure — coming your way soon to whip your unruly kitchen back into shape!)

(Images: Kate Wangsgard; Faith Durand)