7 Things Our Readers Do When Spring Cleaning

published Apr 17, 2018
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Spring cleaning is an annual ritual you almost can’t help but partake in — even if you have no intention of doing it, all it takes is a friend talking about their big decluttering project to spark the clean-out bug and all of sudden you’re filling a box with donation items!

Because everyone has different priorities when it comes to cleaning, we polled you, our readers, to see what was on your spring cleaning list. Here are some of the most popular things our readers do when spring cleaning.

1. Get rid of clutter.

Cabinets and drawers can get jammed with gadgets and extra dishware — now’s the time to do a purge!

“I’ll be going through the kitchen cabinets and ditching those souvenir cups, plastic storage containers that are missing their tops, and the second set of everyday dishes that I bought for company.” — Lauren

“I’m freshly moved into a new space and was HORRIFIED at how many trinkets I had accumulated at the old place! This year I’m definitely pairing down on the decorative tchotchkes in favor of more ephemeral touches like flowers!” — Taylor

“Ditto, Ditto, Ditto … so much stuff to go through and clear out!” Emelyn

2. Scrub surfaces.

While most of us maintain our surfaces, grime can build up over time, especially in molding and deep corners.

“I’ll be deep cleaning the floors.” — Heidi

“I’ve got to get the layer of German Shepherd hair off of everything I own …” — Lesley

“I’ll be cleaning all the nooks and crannies along the baseboards, under and behind the fridge, washer, dryer and stove, and the louvered door to my ac unit. With two dogs and a BF, it is overdue!” — Jannette

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3. Organize the fridge and pantry.

Spring cleaning is a great time to go through the pantry to toss expired food; same goes for the refrigerator and freezer, where condiments and leftovers can linger for a long time.

“I always clean out the fridge and pantry …” — Jane

“I need to clean up/organize our pantry closet. It’s a HOT mess of junk.” — Monica

“I like to clean out freezer.” — Alyce

4. Clean the windows and walls.

Another spot we don’t tackle often: the walls, windows, and window coverings like curtains, blinds, or shutters.

“I always wash the curtains, clean vents and baseboards, wipe the walls down in the kitchen, and clean the blinds (my absolute least favorite task, ever).” — Anita

“I can’t stand dirty windows … I need see out!” — Pamela

The windows and shutters get soooo dusty! — Marcia

“I clean the windows, walls, cabinets — basically everything!” — Barbara

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5. Tackle outdoor entertaining spaces.

With warm weather right around the corner, getting the patio and backyard up to speed becomes an extension of kitchen cleaning.

“I have to clean up my backyard to get it ready for an herb garden. And my grill needs to get cleaned up to be ready for BBQs.” — Fawn

6. Freshen up the paint.

For a few people, cleaning is about updating the color and hiding wear on the walls, too.

“Paint!! Everything looks a lot cleaner was a fresh coat of paint!!” — Summer

“This spring I’ll be painting. I bought a mobile home in November and paneling is light but I want color!” — Judith

7. Anything to get the process started.

For many readers, the number-one thing on their spring cleaning to-do list is to just get started. And we totally agree, that’s often the hardest part!

Got something else to add to this list? Leave it in the comments below.