Kitchen Spotlight: Can a Kitchen Fit In This Tiny Home?

2009_05_06-Tiny.jpg2009_05_06-TinyThumbs.jpgTake a look at this tiny house. It’s not a playhouse, and it’s not for dolls. It’s a real live house that people live in (grownups, even!). We spotted it in the Apartment Therapy Scavenger last week, and we were extremely curious about its kitchen. Can you really cook in a house this small? Take a look to see what kind of kitchen fits in a tiny house on wheels.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This tiny house on wheels is for sale, and it’s currently listed on San Francisco Craigslist. You can see the full listing here:

Derek, the owner, built the cottage by hand. He and his wife have lived in it for over a year, and they say they love it. The only reason they’re selling it now is that they are getting ready to start a family.

The kitchen takes up most of the downstairs, so by percentage it’s one of the largest parts of the house! Derek sent photos to Tiny House Blog and This Tiny House, so there’s a great peek inside this tiniest of homes. Here’s a closer look at its kitchen.

• 1 IKEA stainless steel kitchen – There is a full-sized sink (the home is plumbed like an RV) and very nice storage and countertops, as well as a fridge. (The bathroom, with some storage, is straight back behind the kitchen through the yellow door.)
• 2 Single burner and toaster oven – There doesn’t appear to be an oven, but you can do a lot of cooking on a hot plate burner and in a toaster oven. Also, the house is heated by a small fireplace; perhaps you can toast hot dogs on it? The IKEA hanging rails work very well here.
• 3 Cozy kitchen – It’s rather nice, actually, that the kitchen is so snuggled into the main living area.
• 4 Eat-in kitchen – The table folds down from the wall.
• 5 Pot racks – The pot racks are fit neatly into the small amount of wall space, and you can sleep right above the kitchen!

(Images: Derek, via Tiny House Blog and This Tiny House)