Kitchen Spotlight: The Beauty of Built-In Cabinets

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we work our way into the first-ever 8 Step Kitchen Cure, the first thing to confront us is the sheer amount of bags, packages, jars, shakers, boxes, and packets stuffed into the cupboards. As we ponder the best way to get organized, we find ourselves slightly envious of those with beautiful built-in cabinets like the ones in this Chicago apartment.

• Amy has these gorgeous white and old-fashioned cabinets to display her colorful collections of dishes and pottery. We love the look that they give to the kitchen, setting off this…

• …pretty dining room table. We like how the kitchen is open to this sunny dining area, but how the cabinets still make everything feel closed and neat.

What kind of cabinets do you have in your kitchen? We were at serious loss for cabinet space in our old apartment; we had to find creative ways to put things out of sight.

• See the whole house tour here: Amys Retro Ravenswood Apartment