Kitchen Spotlight: Tara’s Tiny Yet Powerful Rental

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tara’s house tour made it look like she has tons of space. But her San Francisco apartment is a tiny rental that measures up at only 400 square feet. She has a classic rental kitchen, too: plywood cabinets, no natural light, and linoleum floors. And yet look at what she’s been able to do in this rental…

• She took the doors off her cupboards, which is easy to do, and easy to undo later. Notice how she has white dishes in the cupboards and dishes that look like they match the cupboard paint on the shelves above.

• Simple, clean white dishware with complementary lines. This helps keep the open cupboard look clean and uncluttered.

• Julia, over the stove! And a good pot rack.

• We are proponents of an extra table or butcher block in the kitchen – they can help create so much more workspace. Tara has done that here, hiding appliances on the shelf below.

• Knives, books, fruit, and towels – all within easy reach.

Well done, Tara!

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