Kitchen Spotlight: Scott’s Vintage Oven & Basement Pantry

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This kitchen is a little different from most of the small urban kitchens we spotlight here; it’s from a cabin in the country, first of all, and it also has a lot more storage than most of our homes. But we had to admire the way that Scott, the owner, put his basement to work for his kitchen. Look at the vast amount of cooking supplies, china, and good things for hosting parties he collected and organized in his basement pantry! (Oh, and his vintage appliances are awfully cool.)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Even though we can’t imagine having this Martha-esque collection of gravy boats and platters (Scott can throw a huge party at the drop of a hat!) we do like the thought of creating organized shelving and storage like this in a basement. The basement is often neglected and underutilized, and even when we’ve been so lucky as to have all that extra space, we just haven’t made good use of it.

• 1 The oven is from the 1950s and original to the house. It’s also only 18″ wide.

• 2 Great vintage stovetop with retro-styled knobs. The kettle, by the way, is by Michael Graves and can be found here.

• 3 The storage in Scott’s kitchen is interesting; instead of lower cabinets, the butcher block countertop has empty space underneath that he has filled up with open wire shelving.

• 4 This semi-industrial look works well in his vintage kitchen. The shelving is from The Container Store.

• 5 Moving on to the basement! Scott has rows of shelves set up there with precisely organized storage.

• 6 Scott obviously loves to entertain, and he has well-organized shelves with every possible accoutrement for large dinner parties.

• 7 As you can see, he also stores lesser-used appliances down here. There’s a place for the KitchenAid food processor, extra storage boxes, and even seasonal potpourri.

• 8 Another set of shelves with extra kitchen supplies and ingredients. Water, pasta, canned goods, crackers… Everything you need for a spontaneous dinner party!

• 9 Even extra silverware!

• 10 Everything has its place — even the cleaning supplies.

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(Images: Jill Slater for Apartment Therapy)