Kitchen Spotlight: Monica’s Hollywood Marvel

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Recently Apartment Therapy featured the digs of Monica in Kansas City and her Plaza apartment plays host to some serious Hollywood glamour. Her kitchen is long and skinny with fantastic light and a beautiful color palette that’s just begging to have a meal cooked in it!

When I first walked into Monica’s space I was instantly smitten. She had the ability to make 650sqft look much larger and without pint sized furniture. Her place was as luxurious as it was lavish and her kitchen is equally as beautiful.

Her kitchen is large by New York standards, but probably a little small for the Midwest, but that doesn’t stop her from having full size everything. There’s nothing miniature or restrained. She has large cabinets (and lots of them), a full set of wine glasses and a giant cutting board just waiting for some chopping action.