Kitchen Spotlight: Megan and Sarah’s Orange Nook

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_02_25-OrangeKitchen.jpgFriends Megan and Sarah have found a cozy style together — a rare achievement in the world of roommates! Their friendly, colorful home is perhaps showcased best in their kitchen: a bright orange kitchen full of books, jars, vintage dishes, and interesting pictures at every turn. Their kitchen is the heart of the home: so much so, in fact, they put a reading nook right in the corner! Read on to see more of their nook and kitchen.

Megan and Sarah rent their Boston apartment, but that hasn’t stopped them from making this bright kitchen their own unique space. The size and natural light (and those gorgeous floors!) help of course, but they’ve also worked hard to make it lovely.

1 That yellow cupboard is so bright, and it really stands out in this sunny space.

2 The reading nook, where one friend can prop her feet up and chat while another friend cooks. Also, we like how the pans over the stove are a decorative as well practical element.

3 More sunlight, and a small desk.

4 An island unit they brought in.

5 The fridge is set back into a shallow closet.

6 The photo above the reading nook. Sarah says that the reading area is her favorite spot in the house.

7 Shelves, books, and a clip-on light to give the stove a little more direct light.

8 The pantry.

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(Images: Kyle for Apartment Therapy)