Kitchen Spotlight: Keith and Brent’s Vintage Makeover

2008_10_01-Spotlight1.jpgWe love seeing kitchen before-and-afters! It takes hard work, energy, and thoughtfulness to renovate a kitchen – especially a small one, where the locations of each appliance and object have to be carefully considered. So we were especially captivated by Keith and Brent’s kitchen makeover in Jersey City. Vintage linoleum, new subway tile, and a streamlined kitchen with warmth, below.

• The kitchen in its original state. Keith and Brent demolished and renovated it themselves, along with the rest of the condo.

• A very sloped and crooked floor! There wasn’t much to be done about this.

• A very dark window.

• Kitchen demolished! That must have felt good.

• New kitchen floor and cabinets done. They built most of the cabinets and shelving themselves, dragging large pieces of wood over to a friend’s woodworking shop and doing their own major work on the weekends to avoid their coop’s noise regulations.

• They used vintage pieces and unique finds to express their taste for the old. This is vintage linoleum for the kitchen counter.

• Lovely!

• With sink and food.

• A close up of that vintage linoleum.

• New shelves, new light from the window, and… is that a bottle of Penfolds we spy on the top shelf?

• The kitchen is still small as a postage stamp, but it feels brighter, cleaner, more modern and yet more in touch with the vintage roots of the building. The renovation freed up a lot more counter space and put the sink in a better spot.

We love it!