Kitchen Spotlight: Lorin’s Luxurious Custom Studio

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tiny studio dwellers, this kitchen is for you! Lorin’s kitchen is tiny — a postage-stamp of a workspace. And yet it feels so comfortable to work in — we’re amazed at how well she has optimized it. With a combination of quirky personal style (take at look at these hand-painted tiles!) and judicious purchases, this kitchen is both homey and functional.

Lorin’s style was inspired by the townhouses and flats in Knightsbridge, London, and that warm and cozy British style permeates her little studio apartment. But the small space doesn’t mean that she also gave up luxury; she has spared no expense and no care for detail in creating her perfect small space. Even her refrigerator is custom-built to take advantage of her high ceilings.

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(Images: Walter Bell)