Kitchen Spotlight: Green in the Kitchen

Elizabeth’s post earlier today about color-coordinating in the kitchen reminded us how many bright and colorful kitchens we’ve seen in this year’s Small Cool apartment contest. It seems like we saw a lot of green in particular – check out all these bright spring-like green kitchens…

James and Emily’s Vintage Modern Studio – That hot, hot green kitchen up top is so coordinated and crisp. The green is a little bold for us, but we really admire this kitchen.

Dave and Rob’s Small Dark and Handsome Apartment – A sweeter, lighter green. Nice with the old-fashioned bookcase and details.

Kim’s Colorful-Cozy Apartment – This one is almost yellow, but the cheeriness just grabs us. It feels flooded with light. A nice way to open up a small kitchen.

Bryan and Stef’s Green Loft – Another strong green, which stands out well in this sharp apartment.

DHJ’s Honey House – Pretty tile! Also, another laundry setup in the kitchen.

Do you have a green kitchen?