Kitchen Spotlight: Debbie and Olivier’s Outside In

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s grilling month, which means that we’re all about bringing the indoors outside, and the outdoors in as we cook outside and soak up as much sunshine as we can. So this house tour from Los Angeles and the home’s bright, glassed-in kitchen seemed like the perfect spot to highlight today.

• The downstairs of this home is one living space that incorporates the living room, dining room and kitchen. There’s a giant sliding door that reveals a small deck and a beautiful native garden on view through the glass walls that surround the downstairs.

• We love being able to look straight into the garden from the kitchen. How inspiring.

• The long countertop gives plenty of space to work, and it’s all open to the dining room table.

• The dining area. We like how all the cabinet doors are set flush and flat; it makes the kitchen look tidy and packed away.

• There’s even a built-in fridge.

• What a great light over the dining room table!

• See the whole house tour here: LA House Tour: Debbie and Olivier’s One Window House

(Images: Laure Joliet)